Off-Week/The Big 4-0-0 PSA

February 11, 2020

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Hey everyone and welcome to what is definitely not your regular, weekly CommanderCast episode! 


Adam was out of town this week, and as you’ve probably guessed by lateness of this post, I’m a little under the weather, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait another week for more Community, Strategy, and Technology.


But, as long as I’ve got you here, I do have two quick announcements for you:


One: As long as we’re on the subject of Off-weeks: we try to be pretty consistent around the ol’ CommanderCast network, but into each life a little rain must fall and we all need to take a break now and then, which I know you all understand.

That said, I’ve been thinking about what to do instead of just throwing together another “No-Show Monday” post – those are fun, but let’s be honest: they’re a poor substitute for the real thing – and I’ve landed on the idea of recording some “off-week” or “interstitial” episodes of the ‘cast for when we otherwise couldn’t record a normal episode.

These episodes would fall out of the normal continuity of the show, but still be on the same podcast feed; kinda like our yearly Precon Specials.  These episodes would follow the same format as the normal show, except they’d have to be on more evergreen topics like the Reserved List, or old set mechanics, etc.  Maybe I’d even get fancy and throw together an interview segment here or there. Who knows?


That’s just an advance warning in case you see something new in your feed, but the next bit is where I need really need your input:


Two: Our 400 episode is coming up soon, probably around the beginning of May, which gives us some time to plan the festivities.  Look, not to pat each other on the back too hard around here, but it’s not every podcast that makes it to 400 episodes, right?  So even though we try not to let it go to our heads, I think this is a big fucking deal and I’d like to put something special together.  

Naturally, we’ve got our own plans in the works on our side, but if there’s something you, the listener, the guy or gal who’s sat through countless hours of me ranting about bad old cards & punk rock bands, Adam’s weird food hangups, or Calvin’s unrequited love for all things Boros each and every week want to hear for our gala 400th, now is the time to let us know.

Because if it wasn’t for you fine folks out there, we’d just be ranting on some Commander message board somewhere and shaking our collective fists at the heavens each time a new banned list update comes out.  


Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week with some actual Community, Strategy, and Technology.  So until then, LET’S GET IT!

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