One-Two Punch 6: Rakdos

August 29, 2014

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series One-Two Punch

By Dodo Bird Commander writer Ryan Zeitz


Hey everyone, Rhyno here charging at you with the sixth installment of “One-Two Punch”, a 10-part series where I show you 3 powerful card pairs, one 2-color guild at a time.

These are NOT combos in the traditional sense that they instantly K.O. (cuz that’s below the belt). Instead, they’re the jab and the uppercut you need to get back in the fight when your opponents have you cornered.

Red-black is Rakdos…Let’s go!




Move 1: Kaervek the Merciless + Pain Magnification

Talk about kickin’ a man while he’s down! With this duo out, your opponents will think long and hard about each and every spell in their hand before casting it. Consecrated Sphinx is, for example, typically a great card, but here he’s reduced to “4UU: Discard a card, lose 6 life.”.

Just thinking about Kaervek’s ruthlessness amplified by Pain Magnification is enough to give you a small migraine.

move 1, black













Move 2: Spiteful Visions + Havoc Festival

Clock’s tickin’. This duo will drop your opponents’ life totals faster than an off-the-grid phone call. It’ll make for quick games, and play well in a deck that can capitalize on low life totals to close out the game.

move 2, black













Move 3: Vicious Shadows + Killing Wave

With this pair, you can be like Crane in The Dark Knight Rises and give your defendants a choice: exile or death! Regardless of what your opponents decide on–life loss from Killing Wave or from Vicious Shadows– they’re going to be nursing some serious wounds when the dust settles.

move 3, black












So there you have it! Three one-two punches you can try pulling on your friends in your red-black deck.

What are your favorite one-two punches in the land of Rakdos? Let me know in the comments section below.

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