One-Two Punch: Azorius

October 12, 2014

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series One-Two Punch

By Dodo Bird Commander writer Ryan Zeitz


Hey everyone, Rhyno here charging at you with the ninth installment of “One-Two Punch”, a 10-part series where I show you 3 powerful card pairs, one 2-color guild at a time.

These are NOT combos in the traditional sense that they instantly K.O. (cuz that’s below the belt). Instead, they’re the jab and the uppercut you need to get back in the fight when your opponents have you cornered.

Blue-white is Azorius…Let’s go!




Move 1: Sunblast Angel + Blustersquall

This damning duo is like a super saucy Cyclonic Rift. Sunblast Angel can do some serious creature clean up for you on her own, but pairing her with Blustersquall will drop your opponents’ jaws to the floor as you send a Plague Wind their way, Azorius style.













Move 2: Ghosty Prison + Propaganda

Pillow Fortress! If everyone always goes after you because your deck’s so dang good, then this 4 mana-per-attacker tax is just what the doctor ordered. Slow those pesky opposing beat teams, keep that life total healthy, then take over and go for the kill.













Move 3: Sovereigns of Lost Alara + Cephalid Constable

If you’re familiar with Aura-based decks that sport blue and white, you’ll know that Sovereigns of Lost Alara is one of the best around. Channel the power of the cloud gods to enchant everyone’s favorite squid wizard with Eldrazi Conscription, Angelic Destiny, or Epic Proportions. By doing this you can give your opponents the gift of lands–off the table, and into their hands!












So there you have it! Three one-two punches you can try pulling on your friends in your blue-white deck.

What are your favorite one-two punches in the land of Azorius? Let me know in the comments section below.

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