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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nnolenew90It’s time for another episode of Rival’s Duel. This week, Eric and Nole give you their take on Born of the Gods, from the ones we are super excited to play, to the ones that give us a migraine just thinking about them. They also talk about the EDH rules committee’s latest swing on the banhammer as well as answer some listener e-mail. As always, Shownotes after Rakdos the Clickable.



Rakdos the Clickable








0:00-4:05 Introduction

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4:06-47:22 Comments born of Born of the Gods

A new set means it’s time for Eric and Nole to argue about what cards from Born of the Gods are going to impact Commander. Highlights include Nole saying YOLO (he’s really sorry), Eric messing up Perplexing Chimera (who doesn’t) and Nole not realizing probably the most obvious use for Kiora’s Follower. Do you agree with their assessment of of Born of the Gods? Let them know in the comments below.

47:23-51:46 (Ban)Hammer Time!

So the mysterious cabal that is the EDH rules committee have descended from their Opal Palace in the sky to hand out an edict about Prime Time 2.0. Eric and Nole go take a moment to give Sylvan Primordial a proper send off.

51:47-1:08:59 Reader mailbag

In what Eric and Nole hopes will be a recurring segment, Eric and Nole take some time answer some reader mail. They tackle AJ’s question about alternative win conditions (there may be a whole podcast on some of these later) and Alex’s question looking for some sweet Gruul Tech for his new Xenagos Deck.

1:09:00-End Outro

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