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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nrdorange smallnolenew90Welcome to another edition of Rival’s Duel. This episode, Eric and Nole are arguing about if WotC making cards designed for multiplayer is actually good for Commander. They also answer a bunch of reader emails, as well as tease something bigger that is coming. As always, Shownotes after the break.

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0:00-11:52 Introductions and News

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11:53-28:16 Reader Mailbag

The e-mails keep coming and they keep responding. This episode, in this episode, Eric and Nole take on Shroud vs. Hexproof, artifact vs. creature mana, the amount of basics you should be playing in your commander deck, and sealing the deal with aggro decks.

28:16-44:58 “I know your trying to help, but…”

It is obvious that WotC likes creating cards for multiplayer. Especially in recent years, cards like the gatecrash Primordials or the multiplayer releases show that WotC sees a need to support multiplayer magic. However, the topic of the day is whether or not these cards are actually good for the format. Eric says the they are not good, due to the fact that they are never well balanced, whereas Nole thinks that, even when they are bad, the fact that they exist means that Wizards cares about this demographic and that on its own is valuable. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

44:59-End Closing and Outro

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