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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nrdorange smallnolenew90Welcome back to another episode of Rival’s Duel. In this episode, Eric and Nole are going pretty deep into the philosophy of EDH, where they will discuss which is better, Battle cruiser magic (where the game is all about big threats, haymakers, and “moments”) or fighter Jet magic (where the about Tempo, pacing, and the feeling of the competitiveness of 60 and 40 card formats). As always, shownotes after the break.

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0:00 – 14:02 News? I guess we’ll call it that: So in the two weeks since the last episode, nothing has really happened in the world of MtG. OK, #crackgate happened, but Eric and Nole have no desire to talk about that. (We are not that kind of show.) Instead, they blather on about the price of Modern staples, as well as contemplate why Imperial Recruiter has suddenly spiked in price.

Also, Nole will be at GP Minneapolis in May. If you’ve ever wanted to meet him, this is your chance. (He’s a nice guy, we swear.)

14:02-40:23 Battlecruiser vs Fighterjet, Two takes on EDH Philosophy: So anyone who has heard Eric or Nole talk about commander knows what is coming. In this segment, Eric argues that fighter jet style play is the way to go, while Nole argues that Battlecruiser magic is the way to go. Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

40:24-End Closing and Outro

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