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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nrdorange smallnolenew90Welcome to another edition of Rival’s Duel. This episode was recorded the night before the conspiracy set was completely spoiled (yay for timing!) and this is therefore NOT a conspiracy set review. Instead, Eric and Nole take a crack at something new. There is no argument this episode. Instead, Nole and Eric try to work together to build a primer on how to build a deck based around one of the new conspiracy legends. Will these to heated rivals be able to come together and build a deck? Give us a listen and find out?

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(Our apologies for the less than standard audio quality. Apparently the hamsters that power the internet in Eric’s computer cannot handle Eric pulling up gatherer and talking on skype at the same time.)

0:00-23:04 A conspiracy is afoot!

It’s time for the annual Wizards summer product. This year, conspiracy has dumped several new Legendary creatures into the Commander card pool. Eric and Nole review the three we have not talked about, as well as the spoiled M15 legend. We also got to, apropos of nothing, hear Nole confess his sins of comboing off and why he now and forever will hate the card Mana Flare.

23:05- 42:06 Commander Spotlight: Marchesa, the Black Rose

So both Eric and Nole have fallen in love with this dangerous lady. So much so in fact, that they are setting aside their differences to try to build the shell of a deck around her. Listen as Eric tries to keep Nole on track from adding a bunch of weird stuff to their new lady crush’s deck.

42:07-End Outro

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