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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nrdorange smallnolenew90Welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. This week, Eric and Nole are processing all the sweet news from SDCC, including the concept of planewalkers as commanders and the social media firestorm that ensued. Then, once they get all through that (HINT: Go outside and look up. See that? That is the sky and it is not falling.), they get back to business and help a loyal listener work on a Zombie tribal deck. As always, full shownotes after the break.

Rakdos the Clickable






0:00-16:30: The news from SDCC!

SDCC is WotC’s big roleout for it’s fall products, and man did they give us some tasty stuff this year. We cover everything from Duel Decks: Anthology, to the newly spoiled cards from Khans of Tarkir. We also talk about the big blue elephant in the room, planeswalkers as commanders, especially the new Teferi.

16:31-26:26: Baseless Speculation Time!

Eric and Nole love making wild guesses that can be used to mock them later. Join them as they speculate about the five commander-walkers and five legendary creatures that will come in Commander 2014. (You’ll want to bookmark this, if for no other reason than to pull it back up in November and mock them).

26:27-44:21: Insert your favorite Zombie reference here.

Listener Kevin sent Eric an e-mail, asking for help with a tribal zombie deck. What he got back was Nole and Eric arguing about tank vs. Hoard zombie decks, what makes a good zombie deck, and finally Nole trying to convince Eric that Lord of Tresserhorn is a good idea. I hope this helps Kevin!

44:21-End: Closing and Outro

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