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Ericrdorange smallnolenew90Hello Everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. Eric and Nole are back after an unplanned hiatus involving the Hamster that Nole has powering his computer drinking too much Red Bull and breaking his computer. Now that he has access to a computer again, they are back. This week is a look back at last years commander product. Specifically Eric and Nole have listed out what they each feel are the best and worst of #CMDR2013. Give it a listen and see if you agree with their assessment. As always, full shownotes after the break.

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0:00-14:19 News, stories, and other assorted stuff.

So after the glut of spoilers and info after SDCC, there was not much news this time. Nole went to GP Portland and had a blast, Eric continues to dominate the Ottawa commander scene, and From the Vault: Valueless and Disappointing has been spoiled and is on sale now.

14:20-45:50 The Goods, the Bads, and the Ugly of Commander 2013

Eric and Nole go through all 10 of the commanders for 2013 and rank them from worst to best. To avoid spoilers, we won’t list 0ut their picks here but let’s just say that one of the rivals is obsessed with a certain dragon and the other is… not so much.

45:51-end Outro

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