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Ericrdorange smallnolenew90Hello and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. It’s finally time for Eric and Nole (who, by incredibly bad luck, recorded their last episode the day before the full spoiler came out) to review the Commander 2014 product. They also talk about the huge amount of fan mail they received full of “let’s build” suggestions. As always, full shownotes after the break.

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0:00-24:28- Reader Mailbag

Eric and Nole got a bunch of emails. They take the time to read them and answer as many of the questions as they can (There were a ton of good let’s build suggestions that we just can’t get to right now). They also take a brief moment to answer a reader’s question about tutors in Commander.

(Since the rest is a set review the following timestamps mark where each color begin)

24:29- White

38:45- Blue

50:30- Black

1:03:08- Red

1:12:38- Green

1:29:29- Artifacts and Lands

1:38:05- Outro

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