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erdnHello Everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. This Week, Eric and Nole are heading to the drawing board and trying to build something very different. They are looking to build a control deck in a color best known for big monsters and mindless smashing. Can our two rival’s come together to solve this puzzle? Give it a listen and see how they did. As, always full shownotes after the break.







0:00-38:40 News about Nothing and “Emails and Junk”

So there was a ton of news in the past week, none of which really applies to Commander. That did not stop Eric and Nole from talking about it. They talk about Magic: Origins, FtV: Angels, and The MtG Board Game. We also talk about listener emails about Rakdos, tokens, and color pie bleeding.


38:41-End- Building a big green control monster

Mono-green is not normally associated with control strategies. However, on Eric’s suggestion, the rivals are going to take a crack at it. Give it a listen and let them know how they did in the comments below.

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