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erdnHello and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. For a change of pace, this time Eric and Nole are actually talking about the new set it time for the Pre-release. Dragons of Tarkir is full of sweet cards and cool new stuff. We go through all 7 remaining legends and all the cards we think are worth talking about. Give it a listen and let us know what cards you are excited for in the comments. As always full shownotes after the break.









0:00-13:52 Introduction and listener E-mails.

It’s official, Eric and Nole have the best listeners ever. Seriously, the shirtless man deck is going to happen because of listeners like you. You are awesome! We also talk about the best hat in magic, because that’s a thing.


13:53-End Set Review time: Here are the timestamps for where each color begins.

White: 15:45

Blue: 37:10

Black: 53:30

Red: 1:07:47

Green: 1:23:59

Multicolor, Artifacts and Lands: 1:37:47


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