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erdnHello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. Due to some recording constraints (and the fact that our topic took less time than we thought it would) we are now back to the same weight time as we were back in our teens. Today’s theme is disappointment, as Eric and Nole seem to systematically underwhelm all of their core listeners. We are also looking at some 15 year old commanders that are also on the bad end of the bell curve. As always, full shownotes after the break.






0:00-6:23 Introduction (Disappointing those who hope we can focus)

Eric and Nole start by talking about their current projects. We quickly update everyone on the shirtless men deck (if you’re wondering how it’s going, go up and read the title of this episode again), Nole’s frustration with Mono-White, and Eric playing games that are now Magic but still really sweet.


6:24-14:31 Modern Masters 2: Back in the Habit (Disappointing both those who love set reviews by not doing one and hate set reviews by still talking about a bunch of the cards).

Modern Masters 2: Electric Bogaloo has been fully spoiled and this set is sweet. While it’s all reprints and not aimed at commander players per say, there are still certainly some great cards for us (Hello Mystic Snake and Fulminator Mage). Also, this is a reminder that Nole will be at GP Vegas and would love to meet fans.


14:32-22:02 Listener Emails (Where we have to tell a listener straight out that we can’t make their wish come true.)

The inbox is full again this week. We get an update from our listener building the “Best hats of Magic” deck. (Bonus Disappointment: no decklist to share yet), As well as get a great idea for a theme deck that we simply cannot build (Curse our lack of knowledge of late 90’s teen dramas!). We also get some other great ideas for avengers theme decks from last episode.


22:03-38:58 Retro Cycle Review- I remember in 2000 when these were almost a thing.

Finally we are looking at the legendary spellshaper cycle from Prophesy. A long time ago a listener asked us to do let’s builds on these five cards. However, looking at them, they’re just kinda…well…bad. And not bad in the “I have to make this work” kind of way, but rather a “These are some easily outclassed by X and X isn’t all that good, why not play X instead?” kind of way. So instead we look at each for it’s own limited merits, what we would play in it if we had to use it as our general, and ask ourselves is Jaya can be counted in this cycle (hint: she can’t) Also: none of these lamentations apply to Greel, that guy’s a house.


38:59-End Outro (Disappointing many, mostly our parents)

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Ok, now that you’ve made it to the end, please know that we actually weren’t that unhappy with the show. It’s just really late at night as I’m editing this and making this sound like the episode was a train wreck made me laugh. Hope you could see the sarcasm as well.


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