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erdnHello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. While we apologize for missing our cast in two weeks but real life (if we can call GP Vegas real life) got in the way. We are really sorry but a now back in the saddle and ready to roll. This week is a big catchup on emails, stories from the last month, and the MtG world in general. To catch up with us, give us a listen. As always, full shownotes after the break.






0:00-8:57- Nole’s take on #makemagichistory

So, like every other Podcast, we too were at GP Vegas, or at least Nole was. We get to hear a few stories from this record breaking event.


8:58-18:18  We look to the future

So it seems that we have reached the end of a spoiler season, therefore it is time for more spoilers (sigh, thanks WotC). We take a look at the one (at the time) spoiled legendary creature in Hixus, Prison Warden. As well as the future of Magic storytelling and evergreen mechanics from now on.


18:19-44:10 Listener E-mail-a-palooza

We had a lot of e-mails accumulate over our unplanned holiday. We take the time to tackle subjects such as Eric’s Prossh list, mana curves in EDH, what constitutes a hat (seriously, we spent way more time than we probably should have on this), and the sacred right of calling “dibs” on a certain commander. This segment has a bunch of stuff for a wide variety of people, which is fancy talk for it’s random and all over the place but still super fun.

Link to the hat deck:

44:10-End Outro

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