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Welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. In this week’s episode, Eric and Nole are rocking out to some sweet mana rocks. Artifacts that tap for mana form a vital part in many decks: ramp and fixing (however, whether they should or not is a matter of some debate). Eric and Nole, are playing geologist (they are looking at rocks). Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below. (Make sure you listen to the end for some big news.) As always, full show notes after the break.






News and other things

We start the show by covering the news of the day. We cover the cost of BFZ fatpacks (and the one time Nole went and peed in Canada), the Shiny new Commandercast Pateron page (which you should totally go support), and a listener’s submitted “Best Beards in the Multiverse” deck.

@WCPower9’s “Best beards in the Multiverse” Deck:

Commandercasts’ Patreon:

It’s still Rock and Roll to me

We’re talking about mana rocks this week. These fall all over the spectrum from “most ubiquitous cards in the format” to “absolutely unplayable.” We talk about the busted ones, discuss the ones that do other things, and disagree about whether some cycles are playable or not. (Nole also tries to make Eric have an aneurysm with all the rock songs he crams in.)


Exciting News!

Eric and Nole are ready for a rumble that will run through the end of the year. We are getting ready for Commander 2015’s pre-con release. With this release, we will have 45 commanders that have been released specifically for Commander. To celebrate (and give us possibly the greatest argument we have ever had) Eric and I will be drafting these onto our own fantasy teams. We will then be pairing our teams against each other in a series of contests. However, we need your help coming up with categories. These can be straightforward (Most powerful, Most Timmy), Flavorful (Most creative, Best Art) or just fun (Most likely to make the L1 judge’s head explode, Most likely to get you politely, but firmly, asked to leave). Let us know what cool ideas you have for our Commander fantasy draft for 2015!



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