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erdnHello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. This week, the rivals are drafting their picks for the great commander draft debate. Give it a listen and see whose team you think is going take this down. The rules for the draft and are picks are all after the break.






– Introductions and listener mail

There are a few housekeeping things to handle before the draft. We cover some (non-official) spoilers, respond to listener mail/comments, and talk about 5 color fun stuff v. 5 color goodstuff.


– Commander debate draft rules and categories

For our draft debate, what we will do is take tuns drafting the commanders. We will then take our teams and pit them, one vs. one, in a number of categories. We can only use each commander once. The categories we are going to be using are below:


“I could cast literally anything else right now”: General most likely to cost 15 or more mana by games end.

“Judge!” “No, I don’t care anymore, figure it out yourself!”: Most likely to raise odd rules questions.

“The Pieces are coming together.”: The card that opened up the best new archetypes/decks, or made an old deck finally click.

“Have we met before?”: Most likely to be printed in standard one day.

“During those days people will seek death but will not find it”: Most likely to grind the game to a screeching halt.

“Quick, kill it with fire”: Commander most likely to eat spot removal spells.

“I’m the Prettiest Princess”: Best art

“We’re all going behind the shop and taking turns hurting you.”: Most likely to make the table gang up and kill you.

“Aged like fine wine.”: Commander most likely to still be played in 10+ years.

“Well, at least I’ll be surprised.”: Commander that is the most wide open to build with.

“I do my own dirty work.”: General most likely to be on the battlefield when the game ends.

“You’ve always got Kryptonite in your belt?!!” : General most likely to fold in half to tech hate

“I’m on the campaign trail.” : Most likely to lead to politics.

“Tasty.”: Best general for a theme or flavour deck.

“Simpsons did it”: This card opened no new design space.


– The Draft itself.

Here are our picks in order. Who do you think has the better team? Let us know in the comments below.

Eric Nole
Zedruu Sydri
Basandra Neckusar
Kaalia Titania
Marath Derevi
Mimeoplasm Oloro
Ruhan Riku
Edric Daretti
Karador Jazal
Prossh Maren
Ghave Animar
Daxos Jeleva
Nin Feldon
Kaseto Shattergang
Geralf Ezuri
Mizzix Gisa
Kalemne Tariel
Roon Teferi
SkullBriar Vish Kal
Marerik Freyalise
Damia Karlov
Arjun Anya
Nahiri Ob


– Outro

Contact Eric: // @thatBonvieGuy

Contact Nole: // @MtGNole



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