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erdnHello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. The big day is finally here and it is time for our Great Commander Draft Debate. We are starting off with 6 different categories with the other 8 next episode. We also cover some Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers and talk about some listener comments. As always, full shownotes after the break.







Intro’s, spoilers, and listener mail


Round 1- “I could cast literally anything else right now”: General most likely to cost 15 or more mana by games end.

Titania, vs. Marath


Round 2- “Judge!” “No, I don’t care anymore, figure it out yourself!”: Most likely to raise odd rules questions.

Daxon vs. Sydri,


Round 3- “During those days people will seek death but will not find it”: Most likely to grind the game to a screeching halt.

Darevi, vs. Roon


Round 4- “You’ve always got Kryptonite in your belt?!!” : General most likely to fold in half to tech hate

The Mimeoplasm vs. Feldon


Round 5- “Tasty.”: Best general for a theme or flavor deck.

Eruri vs. Karador


Round 6- “Have we met before?”: Most likely to be printed in standard one day.

Geralf vs. Jazal,



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