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erdnHello and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. In this episode, Eric and Nole are taking their own unique take on “superfriends” decks, AKA cramming as many walkers as you can in a deck. Their take: Let’s cut two colors and that will make it better… There are times when we question Eric and Nole’s better judgement. (If only we had a name for this kind of groups. Gate keepers? Oath Watchers?… What’s that Mr. Kozilek, sir? Why yes, I’ll get back to work. No sir, I’ll get back to work.) As always, full shownotes after the break.










We take the time to answer a follow up email from Sam about his question about finding a new commander deck. We also talk about the Conspiracy 2 announcement and just how far WotC marketing is allowed to take a joke before it stop being fun.



During the OGW set review, Nole made a sarcastic remark about a Naya planeswalkers deck being the only deck he’d play Call the Gatewatch in. In true Rival’s Duel fashion, we decided to take that joke and beat it till it quit being funny. However, when listener David sent in an e-mail asking for a list, we decided it was time to put our money where our mouth was and actually build the deck, or at least build a shell that would become the deck. Enjoy this fairly unique take on a superfriends deck.



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