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erdnHello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. This episode is an episode that promises to be controversial, despite the fact that Eric and Nole pretty much agree on the topic at hand. This is an episode that has been a long time coming, tonight the Rival’s take on the banned list. We are going card by card, saying the cards we think could come off the list, and which ones have earned their spots and deserve their place forever stuck in our trade binders. Do you agree with us? Give us a listen and let us know in the comments below. As always, full shownotes after the break.








Intros and Emails:

We take a moment to answer a listener’s email about removal (this was originally going to be our entire episode, however we realized that it wouldn’t be a very meaty episode. We hope we answered your question.)


Main Topic:

Nothing can start an argument at an EDH table more assuredly than “I wish they’d unban X.” While some of the cards rightly deserve their place in this list (I’m looking at you, Limited Resources), others are more open to discussion. We look at all the cards on the list, and whether or not we feel they could be set free. There is also the bonus game of “Guess what Nole said that had to be bleeped.”



We need your help. Our next episode is going to be discussing what cards should be on the banned list that are currently allowed in play. Give us your lists of cards you think should be banned in the comments below.

Contact Eric: // @ThatBonvieGuy

Contact Nole: // @MtGNole




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