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erdnHello and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. While we were gone (sorry about that, still cleaning the Eldrazi spawn out of my circuit breaker) WoTC announced a whole bunch of stuff. So much that we have a bunch of stuff to baselessly speculate about. We cover all the announcements from WoTC, including the ones that don’t not apply to Commander (but are still sweet. Seriously, draft packs of Conspiracy is great.). We then spend a great deal of time speculating about what the four color legendary creatures in Commander 2016, will look like and what type of decks they are likely to helm. As always, the full shownotes are after the break.









So shownotes for this episode are very hard to write, as it is mostly just us reacting to news. So…here are the links as promised:


WotC’s Big Announcements:

Tolarian Community College about Nissa:

Nole’s Cube:


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