Rival’s Duel 7- Boros Baby!!

November 30, 2013

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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n90x90 nole Hello Everyone! after a slight delay (mmmm turkey coma). The Rivals Eric and Nole are back. This week, they are looking at Boros, specifically how best to build this. Both Eric and Nole agree that Boros’ biggest problem is keeping cards coming into your hand, however they have very different ways of overcoming that hurdle. We also talk some of our favorite Boros cards and spend a lot of time on how bad Razia is. As always, full shownotes after Rakdos the Clickable.

Rakdos the Clickable




Note: Due to a tactical podcasting error (involving Nole not clicking the “Mono” button on his recorder), Nole sounds as though he is in a tunnel for parts of this podcast. He is very sorry and if he does it again Eric is going to beat him with a big stick.

00:00-13:48 Introduction

Rival’s Duel logo contest- Rival’s Duel is looking for a logo! Since neither Eric or Nole has artistic ability, we are looking for a fan of the show who wants to come up with something for us. They are leaving the details of the design up to you (It has to be somewhat clean. think PG13+ at the most). Come up with something cool and if we like it we will use it and send you a Theros fat pack. We are accepting submissions now through the end of the year (or longer till we get a decent number or one that rocks) so start drawing.

13:49-1:01:26 Boros Baby!!!

With only one topic this week, the rivals go pretty deep into what our ideal Boros deck would look like. Eric likes the idea of going small and fast with a aggro deck helmed by Anax and Cymede while Nole like to play “Big Boros” with larger threats. Which do you think is the correct way to go? Take a listen and let us know in the comments below. They also talk about their favorite Boros cards and what the skeleton of “their” Boros deck looks like.


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