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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode or Rival’s Duel. Eric and Nole are back to trying to build a deck, this time with King Macar, the Gold Cursed. Vehicles from Kaladesh breathed some fresh life into the commander and now they have come together to see what they can come up with. Do you like their builds? Which version do you think is better? Give it a listen and let us know in the comments after the break.









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One Response to “Rival’s Duel 78- Let’s Build: King Macar edition”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    I didn’t expect Ephara to change position on the lists. And she did her job the other night, keeping me in cards until she was finally taken down with Sudden Spoiing and Toxic Deluge. Still long enough for the Atraxa Superfriends player to conceded for being in top deck mode a long time and just barely letting me eek out a win over the remaining player after a long long long game.

    As to King Macar. I kind of want to use him as an element of a Dragonlord Silumgar deck. But that’a deck I’m still trying to wrap my head around in ways that frankly make it more fun. Right now the deck works, but isn’t swift of victory, nor all that fun to play with or against. But using stray gold tokens as counters on my City of Shadows is still amusing.

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