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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n90x90 noleWelcome to the Special Christmas edition of Rival’s Duel: To get you in the spirit of the Holiday, this week the Rivals Eric and Nole are debating (kinda) which is the better gift-giver General, Zedruu the Greathearted or the magical purple hippo phelddagrif. They also spend some time answering a letter from a fan, by taking a second look at the Gods of Theros. Since you won’t be hearing from us for the rest of the year, we make sure to give you lots to think about. Consider this a double helping (and double sized) edition of Rival’s Duel. As always, Show notes after Rakdos the clickable.

Rakdos the Clickable





0:00-14:28 Introduction-

Highlights of this section include Nole whining about the cold to a Canadian (poor choice), Nole giving Eric secret tech in Sun Droplet, and the two of them brainstorming ways to deal with Nole’s “too many Nekusar the Mindrakers” problem.

14:28-38:36 Reader Question- Ban the Gods?

A reader wrote in to Nole asking what they thought about the Theros gods, now that they’ve had a chance to play them. They reevaluate our new indestructible overlords in depth as well as discuss if they should be banned (they should not) and why nobody writes Eric emails (hint: It’s because Eric is mean.)

38:37-1:16:10 The Face off: Zedruu vs the hippo

In the spirit of the season, Eric and Nole, set out to argue who is the better “Gift giving” Group Hug general. However, halfway through, the spirit of harmony that is the Christmas Spirit descended upon them and ruined their argument (You’ll notice when it happens.) They also list off some of our favorite Group hug cards.

1:16:11-End Closing

We are still looking for a logo for Rival’s Duel.

Thanks for listening to our first season. See you in 2014!!!

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