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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nnolenew90Welcome back to another season or Rival’s Duel. With the holiday hiatus behind us, the Rival’s Eric and Nole are playing catch up with all the stuff that has happened in the world of MTG, including baseless Born of the Gods speculation, a new Planeswalker, and an argument about the changes to the card frame. As always, shownotes and more after Rakdos the Clickable.

Rakdos the Clickable





0:00-10:39- Introduction and Welcome back.

As you probably know is more than just a site that houses this podcast (this is obvious if you are getting these show notes from Eric and Nole take a second to talk about all the cool new stuff happening on the site.

10:40-27:06- Baseless speculation that is dated even before it comes out.

This Podcast was recorded on January 8th, before and Born of the Gods info was released. In this segment, Eric and Nole try to come up with new and exciting uses for Waste not, as well as do some thinking about what the minor gods of Theros will look like. (Note: Since this recording, both how the gods will work and the card for Mogis have been spoiled. Enjoy listening and seeing how wrong Eric is about how the god’s will work mechanically and Nole being wrong about Xenagos being the Red/Green god.)

27:07-35:58- The New Girl

Born of the Gods is bringing us our first Simic walker in Kiora, the Crashing Wave. Take a listen as Eric gushes about how much he loves this little Mermaid, while Nole’s opinion is a bit more rough and dry. (See what I did there? gush?…dry? Never mind. Just be thankful they made it through this entire segment without the obligatory tentacle comment.)

35:59-51:01- New card frames (or how WotC is going to kill magic this year)

With so much news this episode, Eric and Nole decided to have their main argument about the new M15 card frames. From foil stickers to special fonts, we have it all covered. (Editor’s note: Right now you may be thinking to yourself, are they really going to argue about the dopey changes to the card frame? Yes, yes they are. Hey, Seinfeld can make a show about nothing last for multiple seasons, we can pull off one podcast about it.)

51:02-End- Closing

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