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By Eric Bonvie and Nole Clauson

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n90x90 noleHello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of Rival’s Duel. This week, Eric and Nole take a look at the sweet newly spoiled generals for the fall commander product as well as have an argument about who is more powerful/scary, with Nole choosing Zur the Enchanter and Eric choosing Sharuum the Hegemon. Who do you think is better? Let us know in the comments below. As always, shownotes after Rakdos the Clickable.


Rakdos the Clickable






0:00-1:43 Introduction

Announcements: We are on MTGcast now!

1:44-22:23 News in Commander: The fall commander product is coming out and the five flagship generals have been spoiled. We give you our opinion on all five. Spoiler: Eric doesn’t like the blue ones. We also discuss Nole making a “Breaking Bad” theme deck and the freaky weather that kept Nole from playing Commander.

22:24- 41:48 General face off, Esper edition: Esper has some of the baddest generals around. We have chosen our favorites for most powerful and put them head to head in a segment we like to call general face off. This week it is a battle between Sharuum and Zur. Who do you think is worse to play against? Let us know in the comments.

41:49-End: Closing

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