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Hey folks, it’s been a while! William here, and I’m back with a shiny new computer that won’t crap out on me like my tired old laptop. Naturally, a new profile picture was needed to fit the “newness” that’s going on around here, but we’ll get into that in today’s episode.

In fact, we’ve got a ton of stuff to catch-up on. So much so that we kinda broke the segments and just recorded a conglomerate of topics together. Sorry about that. We’ll be back to form next week, hopefully with a new theme song too!

On today’s overloaded plate, we actually take some time to remember and talk about the tragic events of 12 years ago regarding 9/11 (as I feel it’s important to talk about something that touched absolutely everyone in one way or another).

But we’ll also get back to some light hearted stuff by touching on our thoughts regarding Theros, and lead into the prime attraction for today’s feature: The Return to Ravnica review!

(One of my favorite things to look up with “Return to Ravnica” in the search engine. Credit to whoever did this.)

As always, shownotes can be found after the Ib.




Recorded: 9/11/2013 Wednesday

On deck: Willilam (host), Capt. Redzone (co-host)

Remembering 9/11

This was a moment that affected everyone and anyone who saw it. Where were you when you saw those planes crash? What was going through your head? Did you have any loved ones who were there? (If so, our thoughts and empathy go out to at this time of remembrance)

It’s past 9/11 now, but don’t ever forget that brave men and women risked and gave their lives in those rescue efforts.

Theros Musings

A whole block revolving around enchantments, greek myths, and all I can think about is how I’m looking forward to the new E-book coming out in spring. Calvin and I talk about a few spoilers, the planeswalkers that’ll make an appearance (including my guess to a certain fishy merfolk everyone’s itching to see), and look at a couple of mechanics.

Ravnica Set Review Part 1 of 6

Yes, you read that correctly. Due to the sheer scale that Ravnica provides us, we’re gonna break down the review into six parts: one for each guild and one other. Today, we review ‘the other’. Calvin and I take a look at the land, artifacts, and mono-colored cards that have been showing up all year round’.

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Thanks to all of our wonderful staff members who kept the ship running while I was MIA! You guys are amazing!

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