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Captain on deck! This week we have Calvin aka CaptainRedZone from Three to the Face!!! joining us for our weakly-themed Halloween episode. When I say ‘weakly themed’, understand I am not messing around. You will almost certainly forget that we tried to have a theme by the end of the episode, but hey… we tried. We really did. Also on the show I have Byron and Carlos to provide their expertise to the proceedings, so that’s always good. There’s also a special guest joining us from beyond the grave (like that could stop a baller of his stature): Vincent Price, whom many of you may not be familiar with but whatever.

We have a lot to cover this episode. The Reserve List, metagame deck construction, and a Halloween theme deck are all in the scope. This week we also introduce “Captain’s Orders”, a new Technology segment where we design theme decks. This is our first time with it, so as always if you have ideas on how to improve the segment in terms of structure, presentation, or whatever, then let me know. These things take some time to work out.

Also, Gifts Given continues to advance at breakneck pace. Contributions are pouring in from around the world. The lot is getting large enough that I had to move it’s storage location from one corner of my desk to a designated box. That might not sound like much, but we’re talking a volume of cards here that’s pretty substantial. I am going to be taking contributions until December, at which point the whole affair will be going onto eBay to be auctioned for Child’s Play. Start saving up now because some of these joints are going to be ridiculously pimp!

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 05:22: Intro: It’s CommanderCast! What is this show about and who’s on it? In case you didn’t know, we’re going over it again.


05:44 to 23:15: Haunting Your Tormentors: The question from Alex aka @?WalkingToWork on Twitter:

“If someone backstabs you in a game, is it acceptable to go home and build a deck designed to ruin specifically their fun? :D”

While the comment is clearly in jest, there’s actually an interesting subject to be discussed more seriously underneath it. If a deck spanks you, how hard can you metagame against it? How much deliberate metagame construction is ok? We’ve discussed hoser strategies and silver bullets, but never really designing decks for fighting single decks. The important question is where do you cross the line between being a spiteful asshole and ‘metagaming’?

23:21 to 27:30: Charity Cases: I’m running down the great contributions CommanderCast’s audience and contemporaries have sent in to Gifts Given this week. This week I also got a great e-mail from Scott explaining his reasons for contributing to the charity and why you should too. Instead of reading it I’ve left it here in it’s complete state for you to read and consider.

I play games for many reasons: to laugh, have fun, challenge my brain, and socialize.  Most of all I play games to escape the general stresses that come from adult life, and the work related stress of being a nurse; the fact that my actions can be the determine if a person lives or dies.  I am going to assume that you, and most of the other listeners of CommanderCast play games for similar reasons.

Childhood should be a time of fun and games.  A time of laughter, and free of care and worries.  A time where your most difficult should be strawberry jam or grape jelly.  But sadly life can be cruel at times and some kids are faced with a wide variety of painful, scary, and sometimes fatal  Douche-Bag diseases like cancer, sickle anemia, and Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome.  To me children who suffer from illness and disease have the carefree aspects of childhood stolen from them, and are faced with adult sized problems.

I am very grateful for Andy for starting Gifts Given, and I am also grateful for SwordsToPlow and Derfington for kicking Andy in the ass and causing the jump start of Gifts Given. These people have inspired me to give the gift of games to those who suffer.  I am very proud to state that I am a member of the Shadowy Cabal Andy has spoken of.  Are you?  I implore all listeners of CommanderCast to join the Shadowy Cabal.  It is very easy to become a member.  Grab your rare binder, pull some cards out of it, and mail them to Andy. Ta-Da!!! You have joined the Cabal.  It doesn’t matter how big, expensive, flashy, or pimp your contribution is.  The only thing that matters is that you give.  Give the gift of fun and laughter.

Thanks Scott!

28:13 to 48:49: Collector’s Worst Nightmare: A collector wakes up in the middle of the night, bedsheets damp with his fear-piss, sweat running down his face. “Oh, thank God… it was just a nightmare!” he realizes as he settles back to the pillow, ignoring the urine. He reaches over to the nightstand and gently strokes a box full of Revised dual lands he’s planning to retire on.

Reprints! Which would we like to see? Between ones that will probably never happen and ones that are still possible, we go over a few that would be great for Commander players everywhere. We also talk about the Reserve list briefly and it’s impact on the format.


49:03 to 1:08:28: General Profile: Teysa, Orzhov Scion: I know nothing about Teysa aside from the fact that she has a guy straight up creepin’ on the slant, so this segment was pretty informative for me and hopefully it will pan out the same for all y’all. We’re looking at why she’s good, what she does, and how you should play Teysa–as well as giving a nod to pounding her out of the game so ruthlessly the Teysa player builds a time machine clearly labelled ‘Revenge Enabler’ just to keep that game from transpiring.


1:25:27 to 1:25:41: Captain’s Orders: Halloween Theme Deck: In keeping with the (weak) theme for this episode, we’ve got a new segment; Captain’s Orders! This segment involves us picking a theme (sometimes arbitrary, occasionally seasonal) and running with it in an attempt to build a quasi-workable theme deck. These decks will almost always emphasize theme over power, but maye somewhere along the line, we’ll end up with an unstoppable Secretary Day theme deck. If you have suggestions for the segment, send them in!

This week’s Captain’s Orders has us dealing in Halloween. Since it’s Halloween and shit, it only makes sense I suppose. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of cards.

Carlos’ Picks:

Andy’s Picks:

Byron’s Picks:

Calvin’s Picks:


1:37:23 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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