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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

In the wake of ruin left behind our ongoing audioscape adventure, CommanderCast dove deep into hibernation before emerging today, sundering the internet with a new podcast packed with almost two-hours of fiery debate, sage wisdom, dick jokes, and everything else you’ve come to know the Wrexial-Approved stamp stands for. This is Season Six!

The team on deck is myself, Donovan, Carlos, and special guest beast Karston, the mastermind behind TopAndGoProductions and the administrator of the CommanderCast YouTube Portal. Karston has been helping out the CommanderCast Multimedia Empire for a long time but it really surprised me to find that he’d never been on the show before. It feels great to correct that mistake, and he comes out spitting fire into the cipher with the best of ’em. If you want to see more of his work, do check out the excellent YouTube channel he runs.

Anyway, this is a return to the traditional Community, Strategy, and Technology formula that was kinda… um… skipped over in a previous episode that will go unnamed. We’re back for another round of thirteen episodes, and this podcast is only the initial rumblings of a weeks-long avalanche of Commander content: articles, videos, and podcasts from contributors fresh and familiar is close on the heels of this show. LETS GET IT

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:11: Intro: The final round of season five, featuring epic introduction!


04:23 to 31:19: Free-For-All Roundtable: EDH-Centric Card Design: There have been rumblings both now and in the past about the notion of cards being designed with an eye towards the Commander format. Some people think it’s awesome, others think it’s robbing EDH of part of it’s identity. This week, we discuss the topic at length, examining it from many angles. Are these cards reducing format diversity with new staples being introduced all the time, or is it just making the game more accessible? Was using weird, ‘secret tech’-style cards always an important part of Commander as a format? What about power creep and scale?

As a heads up, before editing this segment was like 35 minutes. I can summarize a LOT of what was cut with this image:

31:35 to 48:21: Doucheology:This week we’re examining two douches in the always-popular torrent of negativity we call Doucheology. One is from a listener, the other is one from our personal experiences. Want to hear us make fun of people? This is your segment. In it, we identify douchebags and then try to find ways to rehabilitate them into functional members of a playgroup. For your listening pleasure, we dissect the following:

  • The Hipster: “Oh my goodness, are you REALLY going to use that Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger? I say, how gauche.” Everyone has a friend who loved “EDH before it was mainstream”; this might be your local Commander Hipster.
  • Twitch: This is submitted by listener Neil via electronic mail. Do you like the sound of cards being shuffled around in hand? I hope so, because the Twitch douchebag can’t stop moving his damn hand around in a spectacular array of distracting maneuvers.


48:35 to 1:09:16: Archetype Rundown: Reanimator: Those who have known me for a long time know Reanimator decks have a special place in my heart because it was my weapon of choice back in the Legacy tryhard days. Then it became a weapon in my ‘sell my cards to pay for college’ days. I will always love binning fat creatures and bringing them back to life, and this powerful trick is easy to emulate in Commander. How well does this strategy work when ported over to EDH as a whole? What do you need to adjust in your strategy to ensure you can pull out the win when fighting multiple players?


1:09:32 to 1:19:36: Secret Tech: Karston Edition: Secret Tech returns and this time it’s Karston throwing some more gems into that hallowed archive of underplayed, baller-ass cards. You’ll also notice he leans pretty heavily into red, which is important because in the next segment he starts to sound like he’s shaken the Scarlet Fever.

1:19:51 to 1:44:25: Garbage Tech: After building and tinkering with Commander decks enough, you eventually come across a few cards that you keep trying to jam into decks, and they keep not working. These cards just end up in your garbage pile. You force them into decks all the time, but cut them promptly. You want them to work, but they just never seem to. In this segment, we discuss the cards that we have just thrown into the rubbish because we never make them work for us.


1:44:45 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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