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Well, we recorded this like a week before Griselbrand got banned so a lot of the bitching in the one segment doesn’t seem terribly current today. But that’s ok, because the rest of the episode should still be good. It’s like the ultimate too-slow news outlet: COMMANDERCAST. Just pretend things are in the state they were like four weeks ago and I’m sure you’ll be nodding with approval.

But aside from that segment, this episode contains two epic-sized joints. Make sure you’ve hit the washroom prior to listening (or listen in there, I don’t even give a shit [oh no sick pun]), because there’s so much information it’s possible you’ll have to jettison weight elsewhere to retain it. Myself, Donovan, Carlos and Scotty Mac deliver some club bangers this week. I’m referring to our Commander Profile on Child of Alara (again, a general everyone on the show has played extensively but me), where we look at it from all kinds of angles and builds, followed by an exhaustive hands-on review of Innistrad. By exhaustive, I mean it’s like 45 minutes. Which cards did we love, and which were stinkers? How about the new Legends? Which of the new cards can be called staples?

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:10: Introduction: INTERNET RADIO: THE FUTURE IS NOW


03:34 to 24:29: Doucheology: Two new douchebags on deck this week. One might not make a whole lot of sense given the Griselbrand situation. Just pretend for ten nightmarish minutes that it never got banned and I guess the segment will make more sense.

  • Mono-Black Douchebag: According to Scott, if you play mono-black, you’re a douchebag because you play tutors and Griselbrand. This is the guy who is all like ‘no no don’t even worry guise my black deck is different, it has eight ways to get Cabal Coffers instead of ten’.
  • Delayed Combo Guy: I’ve gotten a bunch of mail and such about this guy lately: they guy who sits with a combo on the board, says ‘yo y’all could git kilt by me whenever but don’t worry, I don’t do it’ and then when they feel a bit of pressure immediately combo. They play with their food like a sadistic cat and make the game stretch on for a bunch of extra turns without just ending it. Who likes this guy? Nobody.


26:06 to 45:11: General Profile: Child of Alara: “I’m a big stupid baby and I blow up” ~ Child of Alara

We all know stupid babies need the most attention, so here we pay lots of heeds to the Child. If you like the idea of using a big stupid baby as your Commander, then hopefully this segment is illuminating. We examine using Child as a general in various builds, from the high-rollers only lands-based build to Donovan’s close-to-the-streets pauper build. What are you supposed to do about a Commander who just tramples over smaller creatures and then explodes? How do you break the symmetry? Advice from experienced players on all things Child of Alara in this segment.


45:25 to 1:35:49: Innistrad Set Review: Holy shit this is a huge set review! We took our time releasing it to make sure we had a good handle on the set with actual play instead of basically giving you a hype preview that Wizards loves to get for free from most ‘reviews’. We’ve taken a few months of play and formulated our thoughts on the set in a multi-part examination.


New Legends:

  • Geist of Saint Traft: Dick, but pretty powerful. Strong voltron mans. Can send the angel in a different direction to hurt somebody’s conventional damage.
  • Olivia Voldaren: Giant boner. Flavourful and pretty fun, without being too powerful. Requires some build-around-ness, and lots of mana.
  • Grimgrin, the Corpse-Born: Zombie champion, combo boss, and can be a bit of everything to everyone. Combo, aggro, tribal, whatever. Come at him bro! (didn’t work for Donovan)
    • Max’s million-dollar Surestrike Trident deck
  • Mikeus, the Lunarch: boring


Cards We Hatin’:


1:36:04 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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