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Do you like oversized cards and new stuff? Then this is the CommanderCast episode for you!

Andy delves deep into the world of Planechase 2012 this week, accompanied by Sean for guidance, Will as the neophyte and Calvin as the enforcer (he can even give abstract ideas #bloodymudholefaces). Together this elite team continues the audioscape adventure of CommanderCast across the new horizons provided by this awesome box set of new planes, phenomena, ninjas, and other crap! We also take a quick break from Planechase-related stuff to speak on Rhys the Redeemed briefly but for the most part, this cast is all-Planechase all the time.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:13: Introduction: “Yo somebody is yelling in my ear who is it”


04:27 to 27:51: Planechase 2012 First Impressions: Planechase 2012 just dropped, and we recorded this the weekend after. Everyone on this episode is a big fan of Planechase, so in this segment we discuss our initial impressions, discussing the planes themselves and then the 60-card decks that were included in the boxes. How do the new planes stack up with the old ones? What’s poppin’ with the new card type, the Phenomena? What about the quality of the decks included? Overall, it’s just a bit of rambling about how we felt this whole release worked out.


28:03 to 48:41: Commander Profile: Rhys the Redeemed: Mr. Tokenman himself, the king of Commander 1-drops, Rhys the Redeemed is a super-popular Commander who is also super dangerous in-game. Three of the four podcasters have played or are currently playing Rhys in this cast, and I’ve lost to him a bunch of times. Together, we bring what knowledge we can to anybody who wants to hear it… and even those who don’t.


1:07:40 to 1:36:49: FavPlanes: Here, we’re discussing the plane cards we enjoyed from the new product, and bitch about the ones we thought were… lacking. While the new planes were overwhelmingly awesome in our views, there were a couple of missteps. This is kind of our personal greatest hits and biggest flops.

Andy’s Picks: I love Kilnspire District, and I’m hating on Kessig.

Sean’s Picks: Sean decides he’s all different and picked a phenomenon in Interplanar Tunnel as a favourite, but he’s againstĀ Hedron Fields of Agadeem.

Calvin’s Picks: Calvin is pro-Stairs to Infinity and anti-Furnace Layer.

Hey guys what's WHOOOOOOOOP whoopwhoopwhoop bzzt

William’s Picks: He thinks Talon Gates is #1, but isn’t feeling The Zephyr Maze.

1:08:19 to 1:31:16: New Commanders Review: PC2012: Each of the new Planechase products included a new, prominently-featured Legendary creature. This is obviously important to EDH fiends everywhere, so before the product dropped we each picked one of them to review on the release weekend so we could provide our thoughts on this show. Our first impressions are given in this segment as we each review a creature and share our experiences. Here are the assignments:

Calvin: Thromok the Insatible: As my most aggressive internet friend (#bloodymudholefaces), Calvin picked Thromok because he’s the angriest of the new Commanders.

William: Krond, the Dawn-Clad: Will decided he wanted to do dat Aura thang with our lion-riding blind friend, Krond. How does he stack up? Hint: that mana cost is just plain stupid.

Sean: Malestrom Wanderer: Whooooooooop whoopwhoopwhoop… bzzt bzzt

Andy: Vela the Night-Clad: Even though she’s farting an entire galaxy, I ended up getting assigned this lady (she was the last pick). She was a lot cooler than I was expecting.


1:37:04 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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