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It’s a three-man squad this week leaping from our imaginary-but-awesome orbital gunship to HALO jump directly into the consciousness of Commander players everywhere. My main man Mike aka Mightily_Oats is backing me up with the slickest radio voice not on radio, and joining me as special guest we have the World Twitter Champion Jonathan aka Norbert88. Together the three of us engage in discourse on various topics sent in my the fourth secret member of the team… our listener Neil, who sent in so many topic ideas in one email that I did a whole show based on them. Thanks Neil!

What did he want us to talk about, though? Well, it’s a variety of stimulating stuff including premium products like the From the Vault series, winning through combat, and more. I also want to give props to my man Devin, the reigning Home Version Heavyweight Champion, for providing some great insight as usual into this week’s Home Version question. But overall this week’s Home Version got tons of excellent, intelligent replies on Facebook, so if you’re interested in strong red zone play peep game over at FB.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.




00:00 to 03:13: Introduction: on youuuuuu


03:25 to 18:10: Free-For-All Roundtable: Limited Release Products: It’s your From the Vaults products, your Commander’s Arsenals, and so on; stuff that basically costs a lot of money for what appears to be very little in terms of cards. Premium, limited release products. They cost a lot of money and they are sort of targeted at Commander players… kind of. This week we discuss the impact these have on EDH players and what it would take to make us start buying them.

18:24 to 23:07: Charity Cases: This week I read your messages that came in with the monies donated to the Gifts Given 2012 Charity Drive. Thanks for everyone who participated!

  • Rabbit hole Magic: “Everybody is playing planechase wrong. Not eternity map. Not piles of 10 garbage. What you have to do is called Rabbit Hole (or Worm Hole). It goes as follows. Stack up all the planes and flip over 3. Randomly determine which one you go to. After that all regular planechase rules apply. The big difference with rabbit hole Planechase is that when you roll ‘planeswalk’ you can either go to one of the other two planes displayed or… Yes you guessed it: down the rabbit hole. It’s so much better doing it this way because you can pick where you go every time. You can go to one of the two you already know or get 3 new ones to pick from. If you hit a phenomenon, it triggers and goes to the bottom and another plane gets flipped. You filter through the stack (by my play group’s standards) at the perfect speed for 4-6 man game play. It makes for interesting games whilst on semi-random planes and lets you find the good ones fast enough to still be fun. Try it or be square.”
  • Ryan’s Twitter jam: @Peneff123Alters
  • Four Guys Play Magic


23:20 to 34:45: Redundancy vs Tutors: While it’s obvious you can have redundant effects and tutors in the same deck, that’s a really boring discussion. There’s also a pretty substantial difference between the two, and one or the other can be more heavily emphasized. This week we discuss the ups and downs of having lots of tutors, having lots of similar cards, and why we like to do one or the other.

34:50 to 48:11: Winning With Combat: I get asked to talk about winning with combat a lot, so here’s a segment where we provide some tips on beating people to death through traditional methods. Forget your fancy voltron stuff; this week we’re going raw with traditional creature beats and discussing ways we’ve found to make them work. Discussion includes:

  • Evasion: You can laugh since it’s often the deciding factor in core set drafts, but man, does something as simple as Flying ever make a huge difference in EDH. If you want to win through beats, you can’t get chump-blocked all day.
  • Patience: Playing an aggressive deck doesn’t mean you have to kill everyone in four turns. Take your time and strike when the time is right instead of striking because somebody is sitting across from you.
  • Moderation: Don’t shoot your load early. Again, timing is important here. Especially as the amount of low-cost graveyard hate increases, getting hit with a sweeper can leave you with absolutely nothing.
  • Momentum Maintenance:If you’re attacking for good damage, you don’t want to have to build up your attacking team over and over.
    • Counterspells: Keep your guys alive and frustrate your opponent into ritual suicide
    • Proactive disruption: Land and hand disruption keep your enemies reeling
    • Also scope the Facebook Page for more great tips


48:29 to 1:09:02: Recently Expanded Options: Whenever new Magic stuff comes out, we also get new keywords, expansions on old mechanics, and so on. This week we take a look at some cards that have either broadened the horizons of an old mechanic or provided us with entirely new ones to explore.


1:09:23 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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