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Thank God it’s over because I don’t have any time left. It’s time to end Season Seven with a classy guest, and somebody we’ve never heard from in the audio format before: Jud aka GU Doug aka GooDongs, the author of Journey to Nowhere and longtime CommanderCast booster. With GooDongs here to help us on the track, I bring in CommanderCast’s resident audio editing ninja Conor and the Voice of the Home Version, Christian “The Natural” “Buttdongs” “Ironballs” Renoe. With this four-man team we roll up a mixed bag of topics, light it up with our collective (admittedly dim) insight, and toke deeply. Get into the circle and pass this shit to your man on the left, because this is CommanderCast at it’s finest.

Also hold your breath because it’s gotta last for three weeks son! This is the end of the season. CommanderCast will return with the whole squad rolling extra-extra deep on November 26th get Season 8 poppin’ for your viewing/listening/reading pleasure. There’s some pretty niced-up stuff planned for that volley of material, including having my man Karston from TopAndGo Productions on deck to provide us with weekly Commander videos. Look forward to it… or don’t, and look like an asshole later.

See y’all in three weeks, stay true!

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:08: Introduction: You can listen to a podcast with your ears.


04:22 to 36:57: Mailbag: To wrap up this season, I figured we could go over some of the emails I’ve gotten that have been constantly piling up in my inbox over the last little while. How did I choose these emails? Well… if they were good enough to warrant a topic of around five minutes of discussion, and if I was unable to provide a good response on my own, that means you have to kick it back to your crew for more input. It’s how we roll here on CommanderCast. If one of us can’t handle business solo you know we come back with a posse. These emails warranted some extra attention in my estimation!

  1. Presidency of the Ib Nation for 2013: My man Bob wanted to ask how we felt about the incumbent Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician versus the newcomer Krenko, Mob Boss when we’re looking for a leader in mono-red goblin decks. The new kid on the block is bringing some crazy promises and that new-school ‘post-2008’ WotC PowerCreep™, while Ib has a proven track record and a sick hat. WHO IS WINRAR
  2. Personal Evolutions: Ryan wanted to hear about how we’d changed since we started playing EDH. Maybe you’ve changed too? Anyway, since you can hear my thoughts transition from one position to another over two years of the audioscape adventure and hard hustle on the mic, I’m pretty much an open book. But what about my man Buttdongs?
  3. Your Responsibility to the LGS: The recent economic turmoil has left Mark wondering if Commander players should feel any responsibility for the fate for their local game stores. It’s a complex topic that we cover inadequately in like five minutes. …I’m so sorry.
    1. Heroes World, the greatest store in the Greater Toronto Area… period.
  4. Your One Deck: Preston hits us with the fatalistic question: you can only play one deck before the end of the world. Which one do you grip and go out with in style? Remember, only a few months before the end of the world, as documented in the John Cusack classic!
    1. Asmira deck article (scroll past the actual content to peep game on the decklist)
    2. The birth of Blue Braids feat. the Heavyweight Champion of Saying ‘Cunt’, Neale
  5. Familiars:Matt has devised a format kind of like the tag-team format my mans on Off-Color pioneered, but instead you have a non-legendary creature that can only be played when your Commander is also in play. Check out the rough rules he proposed below.
    1. RULES (pronouned ‘ru-els’):
      •choose a non-legendary creature with cmc 4 or less
      •it sits in the command zone with your commander
      •must be in your commander’s color identity
      •can only be cast while you control your commander

      “Now, optimally this would be a creature that has a cool interaction with your commander that isn’t terribly broken, but I’m sure some try-hard would find a way to break this wide open.”

    2. Here’s some podcasts about ‘tag team’ EDH: S6E11, and OCC Episode 1, Episode 6 and Episode 20
    3. BONUS: ‘Horse You Rode In On’ format Rules:
      • At the start of the game, assign a Horse creature to your Commander with the same colour identity (for example, Workhorse).
      • This Horde starts in the Command Zone and follows the same rules as your Commander.
      • This format is stupid
  6. Cycles of Preference:This topic is from Zane, who wanted to hear about our favourite and least favourite cycles. Well… that was easy.
    1. Andy like Muses (a la Graveborn Muse), hates Sword of Ernie and Bert cycle (like Sword of Dick and Balls)
    2. Christian likes the Seers (you might have to look these up… here’s Nightshade Seer), and hates the original dual lands. That’s right!
    3. Conor likes M13 legends (such as Talrand, Sky Summoner, and can’t stop hating on praetors (like Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger)
    4. Jud likes boomeranging suspend spells (like Chronomantic Escape, which I butchered on the show), and also hates praetors
  7. Identity Crisis: Joe wanted to know how I felt about cards that can produce the illusion of breaking the colour pie (like Moonsilver Spear) but are still allowed withint he framework of the rules. My answer was boring, so I present it to the panel for some discussion.


37:12 to 48:15: Durdlin’: Some people stay on Durdle Mode for days, but have just enough gravity in their plays to tilt the game in an annoying direction. This week we discuss how to recognize and avoid Durdle habits. These can often be associated with mechanics like Proliferate, charge counters, and other finicky bullshit. Don’t forget the classic of collecting resources for the sake of having them, controlling Seedborn Muse and not winning, and a few others discussed in this segment.

48:31 to 58:50: Typecast: In this segment Jud brings up the interesting idea that players often get put into categories by others at the table; you have a ‘counterspell guy’, an ‘overrun guy’ and so on. How can you angle these perceptions to work in your favour? Can you reach outside that perception on purpose to your advantage? While it’s a pretty interesting meta-strategy point, we mostly use this segment to make fun of Jud for being in denial about being the Token Guy.


59:07 to 1:19:34: We Stay Hatin’: I hope you weren’t expecting anything too constructive here, because Jud wanted to spend a segment talking about cards we hate playing against. Sure, it’s not the most high-brow concept, but it made me feel good. Jump on the bandwagon and help us hate these pieces of crap!

1:19:52 to 1:36:55: Secret Tech: Gu Doug Edition: It never hurts to cap off a season with some new joints for the hallowed Secret Tech Vault.


1:37:13 to END: Dat Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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