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An invasion on the scale of the notorious ’96 nWo explosion onto the WCW scene, this week CommanderCast is invaded by the hooligans of our brother cast, Off-Color Cast! Prepare yourself accordingly! In case you’re not familiar with these three podcasting bros, the ‘c-cubed’ of Calvin, Christian and Cassidy are laying down their own tracks and currently serve as the companion podcast to CommanderCast. Calvin and Cassidy are both grizzled veterans of the harsh Commander blogging scene and Christian is a hardened alumni of THE STREETS. With these three in tow, we delve into the audioscape adventure of EDH for another thrilling week of podcasting.

This week the big news was the banned list update and for once I decide to be topical instead of being a hipster dick and deliberately avoiding the topic, though in fairness it’s still not very interesting. I got a ton of Twitter messages and e-mails where people detailed to me that this ruling has been what will finally push them towards advocating for house rules and abandoning dogmatic adherence to the Rules Committee version of Commander. All I can say is welcome to the awesome team. The RC works hard and does as good a job as I can imagine for a group of volunteers trying to serve a demographic that is by nature elusive and difficult to understand. In light of that, their decisions will never please everyone, but everyone can be happy with a little social work and compromise.

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Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:40: Introduction: REAL TALK


03:53 to 24:34: FFART: The Banned List Changes: The banned list update for this quarter has been released. The changes are such:

what? Well… we talk about the changes and how we feel about them.

24:45 to 41:42: Commander Triathalon: Cassidy’s been involved in the development of a new Commander tournament format. I know, EDH tournament… bad scene. OR IS IT? The Commander Triathalon combines three ways to play EDH into a single event. A deck needs to be able to play in a typical free-for-all, duel, and two-headed games and function well in order to win the entire event. As a result, you can’t build a deck that typically excels in only one practice, since they usually lose in other environments (for example, the once-dreaded Vendilion Clique 1v1 deck will get stomped in multiplayer). Is this a fix that makes Commander tournaments worthwhile, or just a funny novelty (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? Listen in and find out all kinda of stuff about Cassidy’s little event.


41:57 to 56:21: Christian’s Weird Strategy Idea: “Ok, so you use Ice Cave and stuff happens.” That’s basically the crux of this week’s strategy segment. …or is it? I honestly don’t even know. This week Christian tries to delineate a way to make strategies where you give your opponents more options instead of less work to your advantage.


56:36 to 1:15:18: Ridiculous Counters: Magic is a game with a long history that contains some dark corners. But there’s also a lot of plain old nonsense. Fortunately, nonsense usually leads to hilarity, so this week we’re going to examine some great examples of incredibly stupid counters from Magic’s past and present. Be advised, no future cards were available for mocking.


1:15:35 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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