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Welcome back.Three weeks have passed and with it, I have been on a ‘vacation’ that consisted of shipping shirts and recording podcasts. The machine at CommanderCast Worldwide Headquarters is one that may never stop: truly, it rumbles forward at the cost of any number of lives, any measure of sanity. The noise-pollution belching, word spewing beast is insatiable and no amount of work can leave it satisfied. This week’s episode sends the forge of Community, Strategy and Technology back to full blast as I am joined by Sean, William and Pat to throw more fuel into the hot fire of the worldwide EDH cipher.

This is usually where I put in a lot of talk about practically nothing, but I was fortunate enough to have Sean drop this gem on me, captured during the recording.

Also, Season 8 Contest inspired by Ryan Sainio of The Sainio Cast! PEEP GAME on how to enter and win fabulous prizes! …well, at least one fabulous prize. The grand prize on this contest is really something special.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:05: Introduction: You can listen to a podcast with your ears.


04:15 to 32:31: Free-For-All Roundtable: The Right Environment for EDH: It might seem effortless to set up the appropriate atmosphere for playing Commander, but when you really think about it, there’s a tons of things that either make a day of games awesome or drive you crazy. But the same things don’t appeal to everyone, do they? Maybe one guy loves singing Evanescence, and the other guy wants the Wu-Tang played loud enough to shake the cards off the table. In this segment, the roundtable tackles the items that sit on the fringe of the game but can enhance or detract from the game itself.

  1. Food and Drink: Three votes against, one half-measure vote
  2. Pets: Three votes nay, one yea
  3. Children: Three for no, one for yes
  4. Musics: All votes yea
  5. Trading: Two votes yea, two votes NEA (holy shit split council)
  6. Other Games on the Side: All votes yea
  7. Movies and Television: Two yea, one nay, one middle-grounder

32:45 to 39:13: Season 8 Contest: LETS GET IT POPPIN

To see the rules for the contest in full, click here!


39:35 to 59:41: Commander Profile: Kaalia of the Vast: When Kaalia of the Vast came out year year, nerd boners laid waste to crotch seams around the world (if you’re that type of guy you can relive the thrill with my man Polish Tamales’ rendition, on the right). Here’s some bullet points.

  • Deck types she likes: Tempo control and mass land destruction based aggro
  • The cornerstones: Mana rocks, mass disruption (discard and LD), fatties, reanimation
  • Wheel Effects: shoud you use them?
  • How many Angels/Dragons/Demons to run
  • What kind of draw power do you need to keep momentum?
  • Rakdos the Defiler: yes or no?

1:00:00 to 1:17:30: Cadillac Commanders: If your Commander costs six mana or more, they better be worth the return. In this segment, we discuss the specifics of playing those types of heavy-hitting, mana-intensive fatass Commanders. What are the common characteristics that make them worthwhile? What’s the place of high-cost beatdown Commanders when we keep getting low-cost, aggressive guys?


1:17:46 to 1:39:48: Trap Cards: Sean wanted to talk about cards that, even for a tryhard like him, often end up wrecking games over overcentralizing decks even when played with the best of intentions. What types of cards can accidentally end up turning the fun knob down to zero from eleven?

1:40:06 to 2:01:41: Bad Cards We Love: “Hey guys check out my heavily optimized deck!” …has this statement ever made you excited for what’s coming next? If the answer is yes, this segment is not for you. This is for my low-end ballers who scratch the bottom of the barrel for cards to toss into your decks. Call it slumming, call it Christian Renoe-ing, whatever… these are bad cards we love.


2:01:58 to END: Dat Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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