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Real CommanderCast thugs will know all of these people on this episode. If you don’t then you’ve got some catching up to do with the back catalogue. It’s a special episode where I’ve collected three CommanderCast alumni from the program’s past (some more recent than others) to help me keep that hot fire burning in the worldwide EDH cipher. It was interesting and fun to get them together for a sort of cross-section of my stupid show’s history and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it. Jeremiah, Fred and Mike were all on the staff at different times but came together for this episode like they’d been podcasting together for years, and I feel this is one of the better shows I’ve ever produced. And trust me, it wasn’t on account of my oft-embarassing contributions of prepubescent squealing.

What’s on the ticket for this week? Well, as usual, the CommanderCast goons on the information superhighway hold me down with some solid topics to cover and my team in the real also helped out. The random nature of games, upcoming cards, a prepackaged segment, and the importance of revenge are all on the table for us to dissect until you get tired of listening (or the show ends, I guess).

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:11: Introduction: These guys all moved on to something better, but you can relive their glory for this episode!


03:27 to 14:23: Free-For-All Roundtable: Chaos Theory: One of my mans in the real told me about his idea that the outcome of Commander games are, essentially, random. There’s a lot of variables at work; the highlander nature of the decks, the multiple players, and the broad range of motives that those players can bring to the game, how can you really fall back on a strategy? Can you really do much to get better at the game?

14:34 to 29:34: NEW STUFF: James aka “The Moneymaker” sent in the following topic via electronic mail, the banginest of all mail formats:

What design space/ kinds of cards do you wish Wizards would explore more? For example: quests that are indestructible, snow permanents, blue ramp/fixing, creatures with the hippo type, etc.

So, what would we like to see?

  • Mike things cards that work in order game zones a la Bridge from Below need to see more frequent print.
  • Jeremiah is down to see more birds, and this springs into a discussion on supporting some much sweeter but under-supported tribes. Fuck vampires, let’s get Minotaurs up in here!
  • I would like to see the return of Mercenaries and Rebels from the Masques block.
  • Fred just talks incoherently about how he likes old cards and thinks Terramorphic Expanse is awesome or something. You know how the elderly are.


29:45 to 52:28: The Revengeancing: Payback. Retaliation. Mutually assured destruction. How important is a policy of a retribution to winning games? You don’t want to be the table’s punching bag, but how far is it sensible to pursue a counterattack? In this segment we discuss how much we like to ‘return fire’ when we get it, and whether we consider it an important part of our overall strategy. Do you need to send a message every now and then, and is it worth doing for reasons other than settling your raging bloodlust (note: this is a good reason in my mind)?


52:42 to 1:11:29: Prepackaged: Artificer’s Intuition: One of Jeremiah’s favourite cards, Artificer’s Intuition is a bit underplayed I feel, and so did my man Joseph. When I sent out the call for what people would like to see in Prepackaged segments, Joseph hit me up (HARD) for one on this Survival of the Fittest-esque engine card.

Overall, this card has a few facets that you can explore: cards going to the graveyard, tutoring, shuffling, being a mana dump, mana fixing and acceleration. Overall, this card does a lot in a very compact package, but you need the support structure to make it pop. Hopefully our suggestions are helpful.

1:11:49 to 1:27:18: Alumni Tech: All these jerkoffs have moved on to bigger and better things than a questionable-quality podcast. However, they have some parting jewels to drop on you guys with a little Alumni Secret Tech. How graceful of them!


1:27:32 to END: Dat Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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