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Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:05: Introduction: Here’s a list of people on the show


04:15 to 32:31: WotC’s Magic Report Card for TWENTY-DOZ: Employees at WotC have been shitting their pants over the last two or three weeks in anticipation of our harsh-but-fair judgment of their overall performance throughout 2012. In this segment, three stern-faced judges–men cut of the hardest stuff, with no tolerance for even slight missteps–will take a look at everything released this year from the perspective of Commander players.

What was awesome? What was bullshit? There will be decrees made, judgements passed, and maybe even some dick jokes. Check it out!

Dark Ascension

  • Probably the worst product of the year
  • A low power level and lots fo boring cards combined to make an uninspiring set
  • A fair number of good reprints and less-noticable but still important utiity cards
  • Where’s the transforming legend at?

Avacyn Restored

  • A return to high power levels and absurd effects at the heavy end of the mana scale
  • Miracle is a hit-and-miss mechanic in EDH and the ‘lone wolf’ thing fell flat as it could have
  • Overall, this was a well-liked product with a few missteps, but almost everyone got something from it


  • Big mana spells are getting out of control
  • Included a ton of great reprints of older, classy, or hard-to find cards like Akroma’s Memorial
  • The new cycle of monocoloured legends were nice, clean, and overall well-executed
  • Core set fatigue may be setting in for some players

Return to Ravnica

  • Overall, hot fire without question, living up to the hype
  • Tons of great EDH cards across all the colours and mana costs
  • The return of multicolour to centre stage will always be apreciated by Commander players

Commander’s Arsenal

  • Presentation was lacking for a premium product
  • It seems Wizards is probing the waters for new and different demographics of Commander players with mixed results
  • ‘Production quality’ tokens, oversized cards and other weird extras feel out of place

Planechase 2012

  • Maybe the best product of the year: great new Legends, the new planes were awesome, and fun new cards
  • Included a Demon Ninja

From the Vault: Realms

  • A return to form from From the Vault: Legends, but isn’t going to turn people who aren’t already into FTV products
  • Why are we still getting troll cards in here like Desert?

Venser vs Koth Duel Deck

  • Really middle-of-the-road, not much standing out
  • Dave takes a messy dump on this product: don’t buy this looking to ‘open for value’

Izzet vs Golgari Duel Deck

  • Awesome duel decks with good cards
  • No fear of unconventional mechanics that aren’t necessarily new-player friendly

Overall Evaluation

David: B+ to A-

Graybeard: A-

Andy: B+


1:00:00 to 1:17:30: Unfomfortable Situations: No, I’m not talking about the greased-up neckbeard across the room awkwardly making tongue gestrues at you. When that happens, you don’t need a nerdy podcast, you need the 5-0 (but do remember snitches get stitches). What we’re discussing is things that happen in-game that should be triggering your alarm bells; stuff that you can’t quite predict the outcome on, but does give you a bad feeling. An Eldrazi about to Annhilate somebody or something, and no clear target? How about your man with a Rings of Brighthearth in play and the game isn’t over yet? Listen in and learn to make your hosts deeply unsettled.


1:17:46 to 1:39:48: DERP TECH: Every now and then, you just gotta derp it up. After all, a man whose two eyes are always perfectly straight and aligned ain’t a man to trust. Graybeard suggested we enshrine some of our favourite durdly-derpin’ cards in a segment, and I think we put the team on our collective backs doe.


2:01:58 to END: Dat Outtro: Thanks for listening!

Contact Information:

Andy: commandercast(at)gmail(dot)com // (at)commandercast
Dave: derfington(at)gmail(dot)com // (at)derfington
Graybeard: angrygraybeard(at)gmail(dot)com // (at)irememberbanding

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135 Responses to “CommanderCast S8E3 [95] – Iron Mics”

  1. Jiisuri said

    Randomly, another card with a ! in it’s name is “To Arms!” from Guildpact. Pondering the potential fun to be had with that one.

  2. You are crazy…Dark Ascension has a bunch of cards I play. JAR OF EYEBALLS or Requiem Angel being my favorites.

  3. my friends call renegade doppelganger “blue haste”. It fits what it does.

  4. DERP PICKS! You guys basically outlined my Riku CHAOS deck in that segment.

  5. Wil Blanks said

    As far as Renegade Doppleganger is concerned, it was printed in Rise, so I figure it was intended to work with Level Uppers. But they kind of stink, so why not try something like Aethermage’s Touch instead?

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