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Oh noes it’s the boys from the wrong side of the tracks back again to wreck up my classy establishment!

If you’re not familiar with the OCC crew, let my man Bruce “Brucie Brucington” Richard drop this wisdom on you:

“This is the crazy younger brother of CommanderCast. The hosts are far more crass and less polished, but they always have a good time. They tend to focus on their decks and don’t mind insulting each other about their choices. This is another NSFW podcast.”

I always have these guys on at least once per season and they already have plenty of hot fire to spit, so here we are again. If you’re not already doing it, go over to and see if you get a surprise this week with a new episode!

For a moment of seriousness (because you’re about to fall into a vortex of utter nonsense once the show starts as usual), I also encourage you to show the OCC team some love because they are an example of exactly what I like to support: advertising-free content made by some people with nothing to lose and a lot of heart. Oh, and the balls to put their voice out there for everyone to scrutinize. They have built a unique product for themselves and while I consider them CommanderCast’s brother cast, they certainly aren’t our ‘little’ bother in any sense.

Note to y’all: Season 8 Contest closed. Thanks for the entires and look for the Circle of Judgment shortly!

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:17: Introduction: WORLDS COLLIDE


03:31 to 19:31: Free-For-All Roundtable: “Precons Ruined The Game”: Join us as Christian vents his frustration over something he enjoys becoming popular. He argues that the preconstructed decks brought in a bunch of new players who were not ‘typical’ EDH players, making the format ‘too mainstream’ or something. Subsequently, FORMAT RUINED. During the fighting, the concepts of ‘community’, changing demographics, and our perceptions vs reality are all raised. In the end, this is the most intellectually challenging and important debate of the last century.

  • HIGHLY lolzy Facebook page where you can see some of the answers, where I discovered apostrophes no longer denote sarcasm on the intertron


19:47 to 27:44: Early Game Executions: What’s the deal with killing people real quick like? Here Calvin guides us into a look at the strategy ramifications of early kills and why they might be awesome, and might be the worst thing. Also, is it worthwhile to leave a player on the cusp of death, or once you go for the jugular do you go all the way? All this and more!

28:00 to 46:30: Commander Profile: Omnath, Locus of Mana: Cassidy has been the Omnath Specialist for a long time, but for some reason we’ve never done this segment. Better now than never to pick Cassidy’s brain on how to pilot the green machine to victory. Cassidy will help cover all kinds of stuff in this segment, and we also have links to some other Omnath resources he’s written up in the past.

  •  Cassidy’s most recently chronicled Omnath build


46:49 to 1:06:32: Comeback Cards: Calvin wanted to discuss our favourite cards for when the chips are down, so this week we’re trotting out the cards we like to draw when the end is near for us.


1:06:55 to END: Dat Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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