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 …I did it. I FINALLY DID IT!!! I finally managed to record a show with an international guest! Woo hoo!


Today, from across the pond, I’m bringing you some radio time with the cosplay wonder that is Aranel. She’s a wonderful fan of both Magic and Commander, so having her own was an absolute no brainer. Yes, it was difficult working around extreme time zones, but that’s okay! We’ll spend some time just chatting and doing some PR work for her stuff.


Captain Redzone joins us for the second week in a row. Why? Because I can and he’s that awesome, that’s why.


We also finish up some Gatecrash parallels with our retro cycle review on Gatecrash guilds with their old legends!

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.







00:00 to 05:57: Introductions:

Recorded on: March 13, 2013

Favorite Commanders:

Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


06:29 to 31:44: Cosplay de Aranel – Let’s spend some time just chilling and talking about what we like about Magic, Commander, and various things in general as we sit back, and chat with Cosplay Affciando, Aranel.

Notable cosplays:

  • Saeko (highschool of the dead)
  • Jace (genderbent) 
  • Akiza (YGO 5Ds)
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Fire Princess
  • Mari (Eva Rebuild)
  • Kyoko (Madoka Magica)

32:18 to 52:24: Accidental Combos – For me, the best combos aren’t the ones you explicitly build into your deck. The best combos are the ones you discover by accident that result in fun, crazy shenanigans. Ya, you can build a fun, crazy combo into your deck by design, but it might require a bit more setup than you want without a whole lot of payoff. When I build a combo deck, I like filling my deck with pieces and seeing what happens when they interact. We discuss the merits, surprises, and disappointments that have come with us “accidentally comboing off”, for better or for worse!


52:53 to 1:05:05: Where the Contract Ends: Is it okay to not win? – It bothers me when people don’t win. I don’t mean that they lose all the time, I mean they have the chance to end the game right there and then, but they don’t because they want to have “fun”. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t sound like try hards, but I’m fine with accepting that I couldn’t stop you and shuffling up for a new game, but when people don’t do things that they know they can do because they want the game to go longer, that bothers me more than them just winning. Is it alright to do that, or is there something inherently bad with not making a play that just ends the game? Discuss!
1:05:45 to 1:37:12: Retro Cycle Review – Gatecrash of Old: – Last week we did the guildmages, now we move on to the big boys, the Guildmasters! I know that some of them are the “canonical” guildmasters of their time, but from a design perspective, these are the guys who are a part of the cycle. We’re going to discuss and rank:

Razia, Boros Archangel

Ghost Council of Orzhova

Szadek, Lord of Secrets

Experiment Kraj


1:37:47 to 1:47:13: Aranel Secret tech – You know what a new guest means! New secret tech! Aranel is going to share a common, an uncommon, and a rare that she likes to use yet doesn’t seem to have the recognition it deserves.

Common: Spring Cleaning

Uncommon: Aura Shards

Rare: Enchanted Evening
1:47:28 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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Calvin: E-Mail: CaptainRedZone(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)CaptainRedZone
Aranel: Check out that tumblr page, bro

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