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Hey all! Everyone enjoy Valentine’s Day? I know I sure did (doesn’t hurt when you have the best boyfriend ever), but since that was very much on my mind as I was editing, I included a little bonus segment at the end where I praise a little something for the people out there who aren’t as busy on v-day as they’d like to be.


As for today’s episode, we’re bringing Andrew Magrini back to talk about his Edric deck (with some support by Cory and Nick), introduce a new segment, handle the delicate hearts of newbies, and break a few rules regarding card discussion (HINT: it involves Gatecrash!).

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.







00:00 to 04:15: Introductions:

Recorded on: Feb. 6, 2013


  • Andrew Magrini – “Professional Social Media Expert”
  • Cory – JUD recommended
  • Nick – Some sort of internet person

Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


04:42 to 14:02: Delicate Newbies – from listener Dan – How to act against obviously newer/weaker players?: Sometimes people see newbies and pull their punches. Sometimes they go all out. How should we encourage people to treat newer players who’re shuffling up their first CMDR deck?


  • Don’t pull your punches in-game. Try using good, but not overpowered decks that naturally restrict your ability to dominate the game.
  • Keep an open mind about their card selections. Let them durdle around with bad cards they want to use and let them figure out what works and what doesn’t with gentle tips and insights regarding similar cards that are a lot better.
  • Akido style decks that scale to your opponent work pretty well when  you need a single deck to handle multiple power levels.

14:22 to 35:41: STAPLES: That Was Easy – A lot of cards are considered “staples” or auto-includes in certain builds. Rather than beat a dead horse about whether we can/should consider something to be a staple, we’re going to define what we feel a staple is and discuss whether or not they’re good for the format as a whole.




  • Good starting point for newer players
  • “Cliffnotes” on what Commander is about




  • Homogenized game play
  • Power over synergy


Strategy SEGMENTS 
36:08 to 51:57: Deck Round-up –  Andrew’s Edric Enchantress deck: Ever since the pre-cons came out, Edric’s been a staple in several metas. He’s a huge advantage engine at your beck and call, and was one of only three G/U commanders for the longest time. How do you stop him, how do you play him, and what makes him tick? We discuss!

  • Very Fast and Aggressive
  • Tons of card draw
  • Turns cards drawn into token dudes (JUD would be proud)
  • Doesn’t deal well with smart players (aka people who actually attack EDRIC)


52:43 to 1:03:50: Where the Contract Ends – This segment is going to be about deck building, and debating which way to take a deck. For this one, we’re helping Andrew decided whether he should build a “group hug” Edric deck, or a sluggy “stacks” build. Both are very powerful, but which one’s going to keep the game store from throwing him out into the cold world?


1:04:23 to 1:36:24: Secret Technology – Undiscovered Tech: We don’t normally talk about newer cards, but part of the fun is discussing the new stuff that comes out, so we’re gonna do it anyway! We’re each going to talk about some lower profile cards that we think will make an impact in our decks (LOW profile means cards that a bajillion other blogs aren’t talking about, particularly ones for standard/modern/legacy).

William’s Picks: Court Street Denizen, Dimir Charm, Blind Obedience


Andrew’s Picks: Bioshift, Aetherize, Mind Grind


Cory’s Picks: Shattering Blow, Undercity Informer, Stolen Identity


Nick’s Picks: Armored Transport, Wasteland Viper, Unexpected Results


Armoredbot by MightlyOats

1:36:54 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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