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By Adam

I’ve been thinking this week about three cards: Mulldrifter, Nekrataal, and Phage, the Untouchable.  Even if you aren’t playing blue or black, you are playing all three of these cards in your decks.  Sure, you might not be playing a card named Nekrataal, but are you running Acidic Slime?  And to those of you that don’t run Mulldrifter: do you run Karmic Guide?  The Scion of the Ur-Dragon players run Phage as their general.  Anyone who doesn’t believe that has never had to pick up a Dragon Tyrant and ask, “What does that do?”

I’ve been thinking about these three cards because they are every good creature in Magic.  Think about the creatures you play with and against all the time.  Each of them has a brother in either Mulldrifter, Nekrataal, or Phage, or perhaps more than one.  Most cards are easy to classify; the challenge is in  balancing your decks with each role.

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