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Greetings, CommanderCast audience! This is Cassidy Silver, bringing another article for your sensory delight. Now, article may actually be the wrong word for what I will present in just a few short paragraphs; really, all I am going to do is present the collected words of respected EDH gurus, (and me as the ‘pity cc’ in the email chain).

It all began on November 8th, 2011, when I received an email from CommanderCast’s Andy. This by itself is not that unusual – we frequently email about all sorts of shit – but this email was a little different. It was entitled: ‘Calling All Certified Beasts’, and it wasn’t just addressed to me. Read the rest of this entry »

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You should read this Primer on MTG Salvation that I wrote for the French Variant before responding with any gut reactions.

And, tl;dring that, here is the essential info:
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Good people sometimes do bad things.  It’s a fundamental truth in the world we live in, and it carries over completely intact into Commander.  We can argue with each other until we’re all blue in the face on every Magic forum that graces the Internet about how to play this format “correctly” – What cards are unacceptable in a casual environment, which combos are too evil for the regular Wednesday night EDH game, or what generals are too strong and unbalanced to possibly be “fun”.  We can discuss ad nauseum the fact that Kokusho, The Evening Star is unfairly banned while miscreants like Primeval Titan and Consecrated Sphinx are still allowed to roam free.  (For the record, people…there’s a large difference between something that builds a board position, and something that Exsanguinates everyone at once, but there’s a far bigger difference between a one-of in your list of ninety-nine, and your general.  If the Titan or Sphinx were legendary, they’d be ban-worthy for the ease of recursion, and if Kokusho wasn’t legendary, he’d be played widely right now.)

We all like to believe that we’re doing the “right” thing, whatever that is.  That we all value promoting fun over all else.  And I’m sure that’s true, too.  But once in a while, everyone likes to let down their hair.  It’s awfully hard to pass up Blightsteel Colossus or Ulamog with that Bribery, despite swearing up and down that poison and annihilator mechanics aren’t fun to deal with.  (“Hey…he put it in the deck…it’s not my fault!”)  It’s really tough to avoid targeting the Sundering Titan your opponent has in his yard with the Beacon Of Unrest you just ripped, when you know it will seal the win for you.

Sometimes even the nicest players need to go full-on evil for a moment or two. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wizards made us 5 decks built around the Planar Chaos dragons, but what about the Invasion dragons? They need love too. So here is my first in a series of 5 articles which will focus on each Invasion dragon as a Commander.

If you want straight up Rith, The Awakener deck building ideas and want nothing to do with where I am coming from, skip this paragraph. I currently play EDH as my main format while sometimes playing Legacy and rarely standard. I am no Carlos when it comes to deck building, but I do enjoy it and feel like I have a pretty good handle on card choices, that is probably why I have 15 decks sleeved up right now. If you see a card choice that you absolutely don’t agree with please tell me why.

First up for this invasive dragon series is Rith, The Awakener. Rith’s colors are great colors for EDH. Many people say that Naya colors represent the “spirit of the format”: big creatures, cool abilities, and effects that affect the masses. Rith’s ability says “Hey mayn, you let me in Im’a throw tokens all over this board and they gonna eat you alive.” (rough language but then again he is a dragon, speaking at all is something) His colors also completely support a great token themed deck. I want this deck to function with or without Rith as tuck is a real thing. I am building this deck for my friend Tyler, who had Ulasht as a general but wanted some other options. Let’s do this! Read the rest of this entry »

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I still remember my first time. He was tall, dark and brooding. He was powerful, lean and Legendary. This was Baron Sengir in all his lordly might. I remember being drawn into those piercing, evil eyes and knowing that he knew all of my unspoken desires … and… and… this has gotten really homoerotic… sorry.

I started playing Magic just as Homelands was coming out. I remember walking down to the one and only bookstore in my horrible little hometown and talking to old Mr. Johnson as if it was yesterday.

“Can I get a pack of 4th Edition?” I asked.

“We’re sold out.” The shopkeeper gruffly replied.

“How ‘bout a pack of Chronicles?”

“Sold out of that, too. How about a pack of Homelands?”

“Um… do you have anything else?” Read the rest of this entry »

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By NATHAN aka contentconsumer
My name is Nathan and I’ve been playing Magic longer than many current players have been alive.  My interests have always been on the casual side of magic and I wanted to introduce you to a Commander Cube variant I’ve been playing lately with my friends.

I’m going to assume you know how to play cube and just fill you in on what we do a bit differently to make this a variant, but for those uninformed on normal cube, check out for lots of excellent information on how to construct a cube.  The forums and articles there will help get you started.  Once you are done with that take a look below for my ideas on how to customize a cube for use as a quick to play commander cube. Read the rest of this entry »