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sp(Editor’s Note: Welcome to the Spawning Pool. This series will feature one-shot articles, featuring both our Commandercast staff and you, the readers. Every week we will have something different in the pool, whether it’s a writer trying some new format, or even a new writer wanting to try his hand at writing before committing to be a full writer for the site. Do you have something you’d like write? Write it and send it to us and we can arrange for it to go into the pool.
This week’s Spawning Pool come from Calvin’s old blog, 3 to the face and was originally published there in November of 2012)

By Calvin AKA CaptainRedZone
calWelcome one and all!  This is Captain Red Zone coming to you  from the deep forests of New Jersey. I’m visiting family for Thanksgiving, but just because I’m away from home is no reason to keep you away from a new article! This week kicks off with the first part of my new deck series for Tri-Colors for your viewing delight. This week we go into the winner of the poll, which is Esper. With these three colors I can’t help but to think back to Alara block. That was my first real attempt at Constructed with Standard. While I didn’t play Esper, that doesn’t mean I can’t slap something together. So let’s go!
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378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n  cal


Hello everyone out there! This week on the Spawning Pool, we’re trying something a little different. We wanted to know what would happen if you combined Eric, Calvin, two 6 packs of beer, a random Magic set, an open Commandercast studio, and some free time? Well, what we ended up with was The 6 Pack Set Review!!!


The realization looked a lot like this.


So if you’re into drunken Magic talk continue on! Also…. BYOB.




Rakdos the Clickable 



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Posted By Chris-B

Announcing From the Vault: Textless.  Harness the savage power of fifteen of the most brutally complicated and wordy Magic cards ever unleashed. These limited-edition, black-bordered textless creations are legal in many tournament formats and they will have your opponent calling “Judge!” in no time. Sweep all that messy text right off the card and confuse other players into oblivion.



Contents and Details

  • 15 Premium foil cards, all with new art, and many available with no text for the very first time.
  • An exclusive Spindown™ life counter.
  • A collector’s guide with no text.
  • Each card has been printed using a foil process in order to curl your cards up like a delicious tortilla.
  • From the Vault: ______ will be available world-wide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
  • All cards are black bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use as long as you have a cellphone with no signal to try to look up oracle wordings.

Why use a legible easy to read card when you can sleeve up one of these wordless monstrosities.  Read on to see all 15 cards!

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spEditor’s Note: So it’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper for the site, and seeing as how we don’t have anyone else swimming in the pool today, looks like I’ll be writing tonight. This is an idea I’ve had bouncing around inside my head for a while, but have never put pen to paper. For the record, the time is now 90 minutes till this article has to go live. Consider this a thought experiment, can I put out something both worth reading and comprehensible is 90 minutes? You’ll have to let me know in the comments below.
(I’ll keep you posted on the clock as it ticks down: 80 minutes remaining)
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By Chris B and J Marshall

This week in Spawning Pool we present to you: Old Fogey Cast!

Chris B and I have been playing this wonderful game of Magic for a 15+ years, which has given us a different perspective as to how things have changed and what we think of Magic today.  In this inaugural episode, we start laying the ground work for our perspectives: Old favorites, New Favorites, and why we like multiplayer politics.  We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!  Notes after the dinosaur (which you can click to download).







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By Nole Clauson

spEditor’s Note: So in an alternate universe. Nole never wrote (Social) Contract from Below. Instead, he was a flavor writer, writing about the stories that get told as we play. (In another universe he is Batman, but that is not relevant to this story.) Please enjoy this look into the “colorshifted” world of Nole Clauson, flavor writer, with his article series “Inside the Commander’s Studio”

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