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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
And here we reach our final Sharpie Sunday for Audience Appreciation Month. I’ve chosen to cap this one off with what I thought was kind of a funny request. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that great on-camera but it’s fantastic in real life. That or I’m just a failure, take your pick.

Giant Shark of the week is the ‘standardized’ CommanderCast Promotional Card:

After penning almost 100 totally individualized Giant Sharks, you realize two things:

1) There really weren’t 100 genuinely good ideas.

2) Trying to be original on every one is painful.

3) Making each shark totally individual takes forever.

With these three revelations, I set out to design something I felt was simple, elegant, and reflected the essence of CommanderCast on a Giant Shark I can give away to others, while being able to knock them out in production at a reasonable pace. This is the design I’ve come to. I’m curious about how people feel. Is it good enough? Is it missing something? The only real consideration I’m making on changes is changing from the top hat/monocle combo that is totally Wrexial’s bag to a bowler hat/handlebar combo, seen here:

Which do you like better?

Also, I got sent some pretty solid alters by Secret Sharpie King Daniel Z. Here’s the thing with Dan: his alters aren’t shit like mine. He’s a real artist with a manly soul, and that enables suitably manly alters without being an ‘artsy’ loser. Instead, laying eyes on his joints make you feel a surge of unexpected power as you’re refreshed by a cool wave of individuality instead of more ORANGE SPIKES.

Remember back when I cut a sick promo and buried Teferi, saying he should just change his damn name to ‘Teferi from Spain’ to simplify things? Well… here we see that taken to the logical extreme. Thanks Dan!

And of course, this week’s requested alter. I never expected to have somebody ask for a token, but then I always figured MAYBE a hundred people would listen to CommanderCast, so with low expectations comes high surprise, I suppose. Anyway, my man Sammy asked to have a wolf token altered. While it was kinda awkward at first since it seems the people at WotC have imagined that wolves are actually spirit animal totems that look all noble, I eventually found a great wolf token ripe for comedic alteration.

Hope you like it Sammy! E-mail me your contact information and I’ll ship this piece to you.

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