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By ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Once upon a time, there were Magic cards that had regular art. And they were ok. But then something awesome happened: they got vandalized.

With the advanced ink transference technology of the 21st century, even the commoner has the capacity to broadcast his sense of style, humour, and total disregard for the ‘value’ of his or her cardboard toys though the Sharpie Alter. No longer the realm of the art aristocrats with their brushes, paints and other elitist tools, now everyone can enjoy one of the simple pleasures in life; taking a boring Magic card and making it into something awesome and unique.

To celebrate this artistic independence (and audience appreciation month), every Sunday CommanderCast will be featuring a sharpie alter done at request of an audience member. All you need to do is leave a comment requesting what card you’d like to see next week on Sharpie Sunday here in the comment section. If I choose to vandalize the card you’ve picked, then I’ll send you whatever card I’ve ruined and you can torment your friends with it. You can suggest anything you want; if I have it and think I can make a decent alter out of it, then it’s going down.

This week we kick off Sharpie Sunday with a double header. Firstly, let’s be honest: Giantsharkgate is dominating the MtG headlines of any legitimate Magic website, so we should stay timely.

With that out of the way, consider the following comment left on S5E8: The DerpmanderCast Learning Discovery Experience by Dave Lee aka Derfington:

“This one game, some douche attacked me with Cyclops Gladiator on like turn 3. Then he attacked again. And again. I took 12 damage off that fucker and lost like 2 creatures before my 6th turn. Then, this douche pulls out a sharpie and DRAWS ME on the card, getting smashed by the Cyclops in the artwork.


Sharpie alters are a great way to commemorate a funny or awesome event in game, or anything where you really fuck up Derfington with a creature people think is stupid. This alter is a great example of why it’s important to keep your own marker on deck at all times during a game.

Got a card you think I can do something funny with that isn’t Giant Shark (I have about 1400 of those to go)? Feel free to suggest it down in the comments and if I think I can do something awesome with it, I’ll vandalize it, post it, and mail it to you next Sunday.

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