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By Nole Clauson AKA @MtGNole
Quick note: Sorry for the delay on this article. I had some “real life” get in the way that left me and this article in different time zones, so I had to re-create it from memory on a different computer. While I have no doubt forgotten something, I hope you still enjoy this “on the road edition” of (Social) Contract from Below.

90x90 noleWelcome to another edition of (Social) Contract from Below. This week is going to be largely about the Ruric Thar “my first Commander” project. I want to talk about a few of the card choices that I made without asking you guys, as well as talk about some cards that were kept on the sidelines intentionally.

One of the things I love about commander is seeing cards that, while good in two player games, go nuts in commander. The most recent example of this is the Extort mechanic and how it works exponentially better in multiplayer (seriously, if you haven’t tried out Pontiff of Blight and Crypt Ghast yet, go do it now. Those cards work how you think they do!). While I didn’t have access to extort (cry) I did choose to a few cards that help teach about reevaluating cards for multiplayer in Forgotten Ancient and Taurean Mauler. Are these cards little more than big, dumb beaters that will quickly draw a disproportionate amount of hate? Probably. However, if it gets a new player to see that they should not be afraid to give “bad” cards a second chance when put into a multiplayer setting, then they will have done their job.

I also included Mana-Charged Dragon. While I don’t particularly like the join forces mechanic (actually that’s a lie, I just do not like most of the cards that have to mechanic and I’m not sure that there is that many other places that mechanic can go except for more of the same), I did feel it was important to reference, in at least some small way, that wizards does make cards that are aimed at multiplayer/commander.

I also want to talk about some cards that I didn’t put in the deck. I’m in the process of getting ready to move which involved (unsurprisingly) packing up a great deal of magic cards. Amongst them was the pile of cards I pulled out on my collection the “might” go in Ruric. (In fairness I had also pulled a number of cards for the other generals as well.) While many of the pile made it into the deck there is at least one that I am thankful that it did not. If any of you have been missing my “Card you should not be playing” segment from last season (that will return next season, once we are done with Ruric) consider this your fix.

vvohI hate the card Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.  While I do not mind people playing mana boosters, the fact that it freezes other player’s lands keeps them from playing. If I had to sum up the social contract in one sentence it would be “If what you are doing completely stops the rest of the table from doing anything, then your deck violates the social contract.

That’s all I have for this week. However, this article is not over. This week is our final week to look over the list for Ruric Thar before I get to test it next weekend. If you see any gaping holes in the deck then let me know on here. Also, since I am in the process of moving I have most of my magic stuff already packed up. To get me magic fix. I am officially declaring this week my Commandercast “ask me anything” week. If you have a question about the deck, about writing for commandercast, about judging MtG events, or about me in general, ask them in the comments and I will answer them. I’ll see ya’ll next week.


As Always: here is the Link to Ruric Thar:

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166 Responses to “(Social) Contract from Below 14- The Finishing Touch (get your mind out of the gutter)”

  1. Yves Larochelle said

    So my Merieke deck with Winter Orb, Stasis, Land Equilibrium and Kismet is “improper” behavior ??
    (On the other hands, EVERY card in that deck was printed in 1995 or before, and I’ve won games with it. Does that count, at least for style ??)

  2. GUDoug said

    Vorinclex sucks because there is no incentive to kill it for the group.

  3. Zachary Vollen said

    “If what you are doing completely stops the rest of the table from doing anything, then your deck violates the social contract.”

    Vorinclex doesn’t lock the board though, he just lets people use their mana every other turn. In the end if no one has responses to this guy through counterspells or spot removal that’s their problem. Even if you’re a weak spot removal color like green or blue you still have access to ways to untap all of your lands as well. In the end he isn’t a douchebag card, he’s just a really damn good card.

  4. John Butt said

    I dont know about your meta but i find in mine there are enough black and or blue decks to run this card “Marshdrinker Giant” not just for the reason of killing one land, but for the fact that enough people use Urborg, tomb of yawgmoth to so then he can kill a maze of ith or other lands heck even the tomb its self. and its a 4/3 body is nice to have after.

    I have one deck that runs the tomb for that reason as well.
    as for anything else i think the deck is good but only play testing will let you know for sure.

    now for the hole thing on Vorinclex, i think i agree with most of what you say about the social contract. With one small thing that we may differ from. I have been playing this format for many many years seen many changes to rules banning and many different play groups and one thing remains the same. You have to play to your meta. Being that if your meta likes the stasis decks and LD decks and it makes everyone happy then do so, if you have a meta that likes to play the long 2-3hr games of lets see what we can build and play that way then thats how it is. so the social contract is always an ever changing thing that needs to be defined by its players in the local meta. Not to say that the “main social contract” that the commander committee goes by is wrong by any means there has to be a guild line to go from. but i feel that many commander players forget this and rather argue or quick ban a card if it seems unfair. i can go on for evere heck maybe there needs to be debate on the podcast one day with the pros and cons of both sides lol. but in any case always a good read.

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