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By Nole Clauson AKA MtGNole

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Hello and welcome to another edition of (Social) Contact from Below. I have some sweet updates about the Ruric Thar decklist that we’ve been working on, as well as you weekly does of misused parenthesis and run on sentences.

Let’s hop in with a look at Ruric Thar. I have gotten all of the cards but one (stupid Thelonite Monk) and finally got a chance to take it for a spin. First off, the good news. We have created a very good, very powerful deck. I hopped into a game with Karador (typical Karador), Phelddagrif (group Hug), and Zedruu (enchantments). Our deck, despite being for more linear and super dependent on top decking (more on that later), hung right in there. If it were not for an untimely Arbiter of Knollridge pushing everyone’s life to 60+ (*Sigh* on one hand that card tickles my stupid board state button, on the other hand it always seems to add an hour onto every game I play. Watch next season for my article on Group Hug and the social contract.), I think I would have run away with that game. The deck also come off as more naturally balanced then any deck I’ve built before. The deck plays like it’s been put together for a while. I credit this to both using a skeleton to design off of as well as having so much community input. (Kudos again to everyone who helped out with this deck, you done did good and we are in the home stretch.)

Now let’s talk about what the deck needs. The deck really wants another piece of graveyard hate. If I had not drawn into Scavenging Ooze early and later recurred it with Eternal Witness I think the Karador deck would have run the table over. If anyone has any ideas (preferably in creature form but at this point I’ll consider anything), then please let me know in the comments. The deck also wants a little more recursion. Since so many of our creatures also carry a spell effect with them, having a way to get a second casting would be super useful. I’m nominating Deadwood Treefolk, but if somebody knows of something else I’d love to hear it in the comments.

Now for the really embarrassing part. There were a couple of cards my friends who had never looked at the list immediately pointed out. While some of them were take it or leave it suggestions, there was one that I immediately facepalmed when I noticed it was missing. We have created a deck based on creatures fighting each other, even going so far as to include Arena but did not include Magus of the Arena. The other card that was suggested and I think is a great idea is Nightshade Peddler. Being able to grant deathtouch to any creature (especially if it is coming into play with an active Gruul Ragebeast) is huge in a deck based on creature combat and peddler is great at that.



He has a face that screams, “How did you forget me? HOW!!!” (The answer to that is I am an idiot)

So this week’s work on Ruric is this. We need to find spots for Deadwood Treefolk, Magus of the Arena, and Nightshade Peddler as well as another piece of graveyard hate. The list (as always) is located at This is your chance to weigh in on specific card choices and if you see anything in this list you don’t like, you can jump in. Let me know what you guys think.

The other exciting thing is that, after we make these (hopefully final) changes to Ruric Thar, I’m going to be handing it to someone who has never played commander before. In case you have forgotten (it has only been weeks but it truly feel like years at this point) this deck was designed to allow new players to be able to borrow the deck and have a good time. Handing this deck to someone who has never played the format will be its ultimate test. Look forward to hearing about that in two weeks.

I admit that this week has been light (ok non-existent) on Social Contract stuff. I beg forgiveness but this week has been very full of Ruric Thar related craziness. Next week will be a treat for those people who love listening me gripe about people violating the social contract as I have something special planned. As always you can reach out to me in the comments of my articles (to the person who keeps trying to sell knock off Guchi handbags in my comments, first know it off and second consider your audience. I mean knock off? Really? My readers are classier than that.) on twitter @MtGNole, or at One final thing, I will be judging at SCG Salt Lake City. I’d love to meet some of my readers in the flesh (this would also help abate my crippling fear that no one really reads my articles except for the 5 people who post in the comments, the other staff of commandercast, and my friends) I’d even love to get in some pickup Commander games in the evening after the events. I will see ya’ll next week.

*Sidebar: Thanks the Kevin, Jason, and Alex for letting me pilot this deck and not caring that I posted their names and decks here. You are all gentlemen and scholars.

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