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By Nole Clauosn AKA MtGNole

90x90 noleI have a confession to make, the other night I ruined a game of Commander.

In all fairness it was not all my fault. I was had just moved back into town and did not know the shop I was playing at did not use the general damage rule. My deck of choice for the game was my mono-blue Thada Adel, Acquisitor deck. It’s a voltron deck that is designed to turn a land an opponent’s land into an island, get in with thada, steal the best artifacts in their deck (Thada has a propensity for jewelry and shoes), and eventually win via stealing someone’s sword of x and y and getting to 21. It runs a counterspell package to protect Thada as well as a permanent stealing suite to go with the theme of playing with other peoples’ toys. It’s a fun deck to play as well as fun to play against (one game I saw how many “staples” I could steal out of peoples’ decks. I ended that game with 5 sol rings (one was a metamorph), 4 tops, and 3 coalition relics. I may not have won the game but I won at life.)

However, without general damage, the deck struggles to win. The only avenue to victory becomes playing the deck as a blue permission deck. I stole the biggest thing on the table, countered anything that was an actual threat, and used my formerly innocuous “your land is now an island” enchantments to color hose players. While I won that game in the sense that I was the last player with any life left, it was absolutely miserable for everyone involved. When I finally finished off my last opponent with the two beaters I had stolen from his deck, I looked into the now dull and lifeless eyes of my opponents and, rather than feeling the pride of a hard won victory, felt the need to apologize.

So what can we take away from this (other than I need to leave Thada at home when I play with this group)? To me it was a case study on how not to play blue in Commander. The experience got the wheels in my brain turning on how to (and not to) play what is arguably the most maligned color in commander.

With that experience as my base line, I went about playing several games with my various blue commander decks. (I admit that I am an unapologetic control player when I’m playing 60 card formats so I have an affinity for blue that has bled over into commander.) With a couple dozen games played, I can now share with you the 3 things I have discovered while playing blue.

1. Everything blue does is OK in moderation- When you think of what blue can do, the things that come to my mind first is counter spells, draw cards, and steal things. All of these things are OK to do in commander so long as it’s not a constant thing. No one is going to be mad if you counter the ramp player’s Boundless Realms, hook Brainstorm onto Isochron Scepter, or Control Magic someone’s beater. However, if your players are looking at you and asking “Mother may I?” for every spell, you are drawing 10+ card a turn, or have stolen every permanent on the board with Memnarch, you are firmly into jerk territory. (Also, be doubly careful about what you do to generals. While sometimes it is necessary to tuck a general or steal it for your use, nothing will make you enemies faster than Declaration of Naught naming a general)

2. Spread the “love”- What blue does can easily anger people. I think that the reason for that is that it seems that, rather than using your resources to win the game (by casting things on your turn, advancing your board state etc.), you use your resources to hinder your opponents.  If you focus all that energy into stopping one opponent, then not only will that opponent be fuming by the end of the game, but the others at the table will sympathize with the player you are locking out of the game and oftentimes send some extra hate your way. In the same way that most aggro players will spread out attacks rather than focus on knocking one player out of the game, so should control players spread out the power of their decks. (Note: All this goes out the window if you are playing against Azami, Azusa, or Zur. Counter everything they play and the rest of the table should lift you on their shoulders and carry you through the town square.)

3. Don’t play combo- This one almost goes without saying. If your decks primary focus is to tutor for Omniscience, tutor for Enter the Infinite, cast your whole deck and win, not only are you doing a disservice to your playgroup and breaking the social contract, but you are not helping those of us who are trying to “rehab” blue’s image. There is a place for your Azami & lab maniac combo deck, it is called hell Legacy.

So that about wraps up my blue experiment. As always I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to leave comments below or hit me up at my e-mail or my twitter. I’ll see you in two weeks.


Twitter: @mtgNole

And now for your card you probably shouldn’t be playing: Cairn Wanderer

cwWhy you shouldn’t be playing it- This is, from a design standpoint, a cool, flavorful card. However in multiplayer it is a giant hassle. Whenever I see this card played, every combat step turns into taking 2 minutes to go through every player’s graveyard to see if he has ability X “right now”. When you factor in the fact that graveyards change constantly during a game of Commander, it makes the card a constant headache to keep track of. If a card takes that long to figure out what it does, it doesn’t belong in my games.

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159 Responses to “Social Contract from Below #5- Forgive me Sheldon, for I have Sinned (or, how to play blue without being a jerk)”

  1. I’m a red player and I relish the challenge of playing against a blue player, those wins are just so much sweeter. I’ve found that blue players tend to focus on bending every other player to their will, since that is what is fun for them. Unfortunately many blue players don’t get it through their head that their opponents actually want to have a relevant effect on the game and it’s kinda hard to do that when they have to ask for permission before casting a spell. I’ll admit I rage quit the other week when I went through 7 turns of either having my spell countered or bounced. I pretty much did nothing but play lands and waste mana. The blue player did nothing to advance his board state, only drew his card, said “go” and then ruined my day. Maybe he has fun not letting other people play the game they love but I consider that a dick move. Stopping big plays or threats that endanger you is understandable but playing cards that continually force your opponents to sit and watch you play magic will never be fun. I agree that moderation is the key with blue control in Commander, otherwise you may end up with a mouth full-o-fist.

    • FL!P$TA said

      Agreed. I play a Lazav, Dimir Mastermind built that has upward of 15 counterspells in it, and it does win often with the “Enter the Infinite + Omniscience” combo, but it does so much more, and the way I play it is with politics. I counter big bombs, or if one player is focusing too much on another, I typically counter that player’s kill move card, all the while making it painfully apparent that if I’m not stopped, I will win, though if you try to stop my deck and actually make me worry, you will likely be left with what I can only call a Magikarp board-state (you’ll just be flopping around with insubstantial weenies because all of your support spells got either killed off or countered).

      And yet, even though I play this deck, my playgroup rarely shuns me from games because of it. Buuuut….. I play in an environment filled with Momir Vig, Zur, Azusa, Oona, Riku, and Mimeoplasm decks…. so I guess my playgroup’s just kinda filled with dicks anyways.

      • Your playgroup seems to be hardcore try-hards with those generals so I would guess almost anything is fair game. My playgroup has some powerful commanders but they usually get hated out the second the deck is pulled out. Azusa, Jhoira, Arkum, and Sisay are the most powerful ones in my group. Funny thing is my win ratio with Mono-Red Ashling is almost on par with them. We mostly just want everyone to be able to have an impact on the game and most of all have fun. Your group may be cool with Infinite combos, lock down, permission, and any other slew of oppressive control styles but I would say you are in the minority of players in this format. I do agree though, that it has a lot more to do with how you play the cards in your deck rather than what those cards actually do. As long as your playgroup is not moaning and complaining every time you combo out or lock down the table then you are fine to play whatever makes you happy, but I wouldn’t bring that kind of a deck to a playgroup or LGS that you have not played with cause you might not get a very warm reception.

    • Please take this as the compliment it is intended. That may be the most “Red” comment I have ever read on my articles. Well said.

  2. As an Izzet player, I have embraced the concept of chaos in general and taken a different approach to this. These days I tend to let the game go wild and let the people on the table party out. So long as it’s not directed to my face or it’s not going to interfere with my ultimate plan to actually win, I’m pretty much fine with it.

  3. I’ve built a wonderful Simic deck that breaks rule number one, but does it to hilarious extremes. my intention with the deck is to give the people I play with that awesome moment when something really cool happens. One of my friends still to this day is talking about the time when I beat him with a 40/40 Sturmgeist. But its about everyone having fun and I understand that. My deck is fairly easy to stop, and at the same time, it hates out what I think are even more annoying effects (reanimator, board mass, etc.), but at the end of the day, I want to interact with people, because that’s what makes Magic exciting.

  4. john butt said

    it seems that i do well in blue but have now found that playing fun with it is a better way to go. so many times people have said blue does everything and in some ways yes but it needs help like using artifacts to iron your deck( but what colour doesnt) so look at gatherer and pick a mono blue commander and figure out what one is fun to you. now ask your self what one of the commanders would be fun for my play group. blue has a lot of interactions that you can almost always get put together as you have counter spells, bounce spells, and draw spells to make things happen. I liked the mistform ultmus deck that has been talked about on commander cast a few times. its the best example and i have even made my own version with the card pool i own and every time i play it everyone has fun and even if i win no one is sad about it or if i play it again im not ganged up on. in short i think blue can be fun but why not look in to mono red or mono white as they have some strong cards and builds that even blue would have issues.

    • Butt, you hit it right on the ass. Every color has a style that many find oppressive or annoying but they also have much deeper strategies and play styles to choose from. Synergy can beat good stuff any day and Mistform is a perfect example (been contemplating building him). Once you get away from the color pie stereotypes you can really start making some creative and interesting builds.

  5. Todd said

    Is casting Epic Experiment for 30-40 and killing your opponent
    through a Storm-count, with say….Ignite Memories or Temporal
    Fissure….”breaking the social contract” and “doing a disservice to my
    playgroup”, particularly if I have many other ways to win with my deck
    (general damage, voltron beats, etc) ?

    • Someone (I cannot remember who for the life of me) once said that as soon as you put a combo in your deck, your deck becomes about the combo whether you like it or not. If you can use the deck, not have your playgroup hate you, and still sleep at night them go for it. Every time I’ve put something like that (storm, MoM/Bell, etc) in a deck I ended up not liking to win that way and took them out.

  6. […] people from playing rather than winning the game itself. While I have already talked about blue here and won’t waste everyone’s time by repeating myself, it is cards like Eyaro, Decree of Silence, […]

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