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Hello everyone out there! This week on the Spawning Pool, we’re trying something a little different. We wanted to know what would happen if you combined Eric, Calvin, two 6 packs of beer, a random Magic set, an open Commandercast studio, and some free time? Well, what we ended up with was The 6 Pack Set Review!!!


The realization looked a lot like this.


So if you’re into drunken Magic talk continue on! Also…. BYOB.




Rakdos the Clickable 




As far as the show goes, this is a very casual podcast. The Random set that ends up being discussed is Champions of Kamigawa. Eric and Calvin sit back and review 13 pages of Magic cards while a trying to finish their whole 6 pack before the show ends.

Eric brings along an e-mail from his other podcast, Rival’s Duel, to discuss here with Calvin. They go over if it’s possible to build a 1v1 deck that’s also good in a group game.

There’s also a drinking game for those able to drink and follow along at home.


Contact Info:


Eric – EricBonvie(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)ThatBonvieGuy

Calvin – Email: captainredzone(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)captainredzone



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