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By Chris B and J Marshall

This week in Spawning Pool we present to you: Old Fogey Cast!

Chris B and I have been playing this wonderful game of Magic for a 15+ years, which has given us a different perspective as to how things have changed and what we think of Magic today.  In this inaugural episode, we start laying the ground work for our perspectives: Old favorites, New Favorites, and why we like multiplayer politics.  We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!  Notes after the dinosaur (which you can click to download).







Intro: [5 minutes]HatredIce Age Counterspell

-Favorite old bordered card

JM: Ice Age Counterspell

CB: Hatred


Then & Now Segment [35 minutes]

Then [20 minutes]

-What was your first expansion that got you into Magic?  What do you remember about it?

CB: Tempest: Text only card list on magic website.  Seeing what a sliver actually looked like for the first time.

JM: Fallen Empires *shudder*  Thallids and Basal Thrulls: Seeing Creatures that ‘Did Stuff’ other than attacking.

-Pick cards

    a. Favorite card from that set that you no longer play

Breeding pit

Oh how far we’ve come…


maaaaaaaybe with Storm Cauldron

CB: Dirtcowl Wurm

JM:  Breeding Pit

    b. Favorite card from the set that you still love to play

CB: Propaganda

JM: Rainbow Vale

    c. Favorite card from the set you need to find a spot for

CB: Rathi Dragon

JM: Spore Cloud

-Cards of Infamy or Fame: Congregate, Verdant Force, Force of Nature + Circle of Protection: Green

Now [15 minutes]

Koira's FollowerPerplexing Chimera-Born of the Gods general discussion.  Power level difference from Then?

Spell power went down and creatures have become better.  Since most decks run more creatures it appears to give power creep.  Not to mention some of the best spells are banned…. for good reason.

-Pick cards

    a. Top cards you are looking forward to playing

JM: (Zedruu Stuffs: Plea for Guidance, Perplexing Chimera, Fated Retribution, Silent Sentinel)

CB: (Kiora’s Follower, Fated Return, Nessian Wilds Ravager)

Tribute Article:


History Lesson [40 minutes]

The History of multiplayer

-The batch vs. the stack. (dont forget Damage on the stack!) Priority

    a. Interrupts vs Instants vs Mana Sources

Source links:


“TimingTiming Rules

In general, you should try and cast as few spells at once as possible, because it makes things simpler. it also gives your rival less information upon which to plan his or her actions. Occasionally, there will be conflicts of timing when both players want to use spell effects at the same time. When this happens, the player whose turn it is announces their spells and effects first. Then, the other player can respond to each one with one or more fast effects (instants, artifacts in play, enchantments in play, or creature special abilities). These reactions can be reacted to, and so forth, and nothing happens until both players have finished taking actions. At this point, all spells take effect simultaneously. Usually, the outcome will be clear, but if the timing of any two effects makes a difference, the player casting the later spell gets to choose whether it occurs before or after the conflicting spell. Once it is announced, nothing can stop a fast effect unless it is countered immediately by an interrupt. Once a spell is announced, the mana has been spent, whether or not the spell actually takes effect as planned.

An exception to this are interrupts, which are resolved as soon as they are announced, unless the interrupt itself is interrupted. Don’t literally interrupt your rival with these; let him or her finish saying just how their spell will be used, and how much mana is being spent on it. Then announce your interrupt before another spell is cast. Your rival must give you the opportunity to do this. Your rival can also interrupt the spell or your interrupt with another interrupt, and so forth. If the same spell has more than one interrupt done during its casting, the caster of that spell does his or her interrupts first, regardless of whether it was announced first. Interrupts take effect immediately, unless they themselves are interrupted, in which case you resolve their interruptions first. Interrupts commonly counter the spell being cast, but they sometimes change it in some way or have some peculiar side effect. Effects which take mana into your mana pool are usually interrupts, so you can get mana for your spells quickly enough to respond to your rival’s actions.

Though a spell or effect that needs a target cannot be used unless a target exists, it is possible for a target to disappear before the spell affects it. In this case the effect is ignored, though the mana is used, and the spell is still considered cast.”


Chris has Terror and Red Elemental Blast in hand as well as 1 life, Jon has an active Prodigal Sorcerer.  Lets figure out how it used to work!


-Mana Burn and it forcing people to play smart with their mana/infinite combos.  And snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

-Legend Rules versions 1-3 and how we feel about them.

-Judge rulings by democracy

-Old multiplayer rules: shared lands, blocking for allies, etc.

-Old “singleton” decks

-Pre-Commander formats (FFA, Color War!,

Two-headed Giant, Emperor)

-Old Strategies that have stood the test of time and/or transitioned into EDH: Slivers, Elf Ball, Tokens, Auras

Sign Off [<5 minutes]

J Marshall: kitchentabletactics at gmail dot com or @KTT_Magic

Chris B: olwhiskeyboots at gmail dot com or @0hn0s3


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