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spEditor’s Note: One thing we like to do with Spawning Pool is give people a shot at trying their hand at writing. This week, please welcome Shaun to the spawning pool. Let him know what you think in the comments below



Greetiphotongs and Salutations Reader,
Hello I’m Shaun and first a little background on myself. I have been playing on and off since trading a Serra Angel for a dual land straight up seemed like a good idea. Yes, I did this, yes it was a volcanic island and yes I regret it.



EDH, when I first heard about it seemed unappealing. I didn’t like the idea of finding 100 single cards and making a deck out of them. The vastness of my unorganized library seemed very daunting. Some of my friends went ahead and took the plunge and built EDH decks and I would just play against them with my 60 card decks. They would play with their commander in the the deck to make it fair. I would try a lot of different strategies to beat commander decks which was difficult. This went on for awhile, till I noticed the only decks they were playing were the 100 card decks. I finally caved under peer pressure and decided I was going to build a commander deck.
My first commander was Anowon, The Ruin Sage. I had recently built a 60 card vampire deck that thrived off this general’s basic idea, so porting it to a 100 card deck seemed easy enough. I cracked open my card boxes, made piles, sent a lot of text messages requesting advice, sifted through cards until I had 100 cards that made everyone sac creatures off the board.
After I played my first EDH game I realized I was always meant to play this format. It was like I found an old friend or soul mate. My 60 card builds already felt like my commander builds did so within 2 weeks I was building another deck. I needed more decks so I wasn’t playing the same thing over and over. The fact that my friends had a few decks was only fuel for the fire.
Thus began my addiction, much like hard drugs, I was searching out the best deals on cards and building decks to feed my craving. I have been addicted to commander for about 4 years now and it has only gotten worse. I now listen to podcasts, read forums, and intentionally build my decks to be more commander climate friendly. Shame on you mass land D guy!
Anyway, I think with this new found avenue of shooting EDH scrub information out on the web, I am going to use this article space to talk about deck building, the way I approach it and possibly do some segments entourage style. For those that don’t know, entourage in commander cast world, takes commanders and looks at different build ideas and comes up with some synergy cards to build a deck. Since Commander cast did a Podcast on Nekusar, I think it is only fair that I tackle an idea that I had today forNekusar briefly.
WARNING, This is my first article. The idea is very raw some of the card suggestions are garbage but, with a little effort and committing to being awesome you too could think of some great synergy cards for a Nekusar voltron deck.
Now that we have talked about me let’s talk about the most common general to hit the table since Cap ‘n’ Crunch. I’m talking bout Nekusar folks.

Now what does every Nekusar build have in common?

Well that’s an easy question; everything.

How would you like to be a Nekusar player that shows up with something different?

I know the inner hipster in me would but is that even possible?

The pitch, Dare to Build a Nekusar Voltron deck.

Commander cast nation has provided some real gems for coming up with this kind of build recently so this is a quasi entourage segment on Nekusar. Let’s dump all the megrim, underworld dreams, etc. enchantments. In fact, let’s just think of Nekusar as only a hollowing mine that has 2/4 written in the lower corner. We want Nekusar to hit with style. First off let’s get some friends that can hold equipment and enchantments as well. For Nekusar’s Battle buddies, we are going to look at Eric’s most recent podcast.
Show notes from season 13 episode 2.
Eric’s backup dude list
Black- Bitterblossom, reassembling skeleton, phyrexian obliterator
Red- Pyre heart wolf, Cyclops gladiator, hellkite charger
Blue- Archetype of imagination, cephalid constable, invisible stalker
A few other inclusion ideas:
Sadistic Hypnotist, Dictate of Erebos. vicious shadows
Your new Nekusar build will be assumed by your playgroup partners to be the same ol’ build everyone has seen. We need some other guys to pull the reigns since Nekusar will most likely be a target later in the game. Simply building around some of these ideas above we can get a basic idea for Nekusar to become more fight then the typical sit back and draw cards we are used to seeing.
Equipment/Aura’s for a Brotha:
This is your basic voltron equipment/ aura package however I think to gain card advantage we need to look at stuff that makes opponents discard away what they are getting from Nekusar. Anything that grants unblockable, hexproof and discard advantage like sword of feast and famine, is going to be an all-star here. Also look at protecting Nekusar with totem armor and blink type effects found in blue. Perhaps throw Nekusar in Tawnos’s coffin if he is about to be destroyed. The coffin seems appropriate for a dead guy or to just take care of an opponents creature or to get some ETB triggers.
All the above give us a more aggressive battle oriented Nekusar. your opponents will be holding their counter spell and enchantment destruction expecting wheel of fortune or lilliana’s caress to be coming at any moment. Let’s keep them guessing.

Grixis is a very powerful color combination IMHO. Red gives us haste and double strike random etc; Blue gives us unblockable and protection through blink and hex proof/shroud and counter spells; black gives us discard, tutors and reanimate. Everything we need to make Nekusar a powerful adversary.

Optimizing your deck just for an ability on your general can be boring sometimes. I have a Nekusar deck I assembled out of a Gwendolyn di Corci deck and never once played it cause I never wanted to do the dueling Nekusar’s. With a build like this I may actually pull out the Nekusar deck just for the shock factor that its nothing like the optimized design that I see so regularly. I hope that I have given a conceptual starting point for building a new Nekusar Voltron deck. I believe in providing a few ideas to spring off of and letting people’s imaginations work. This article is merely to take a 2nd
look at the possibilities of a general that has become so linear. I hope this information at least gets some ideas going on how to make the unhip, hip once again. I hope to see some interesting builds of our dear ol’ friend Nekusar in the future.

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